The judge walks into the room looks like his in his 50s getting comfortable in his seat he grabs the gavel. ‘smack smack’ good morning, ladies and gentlemen the Bexar County Courthouse of San Antonio is now in session. Calling the case for the arrest of Clemencia. Is the prosecution ready? The prosecution stands with the reply, yes, your honor. Is the defense ready? The judge shuffles through papers with an eyebrow raised not looking directly but giving a quick glimpse towards that direction. Yes, your honor as the defense, Zach McFologan sits back down. Your Honor, members of the jury, my name Brett Vaughn, my client Drew and I are representing for the arrest on Clemencia for sabotaging Drew Family in this case. We intend to prove guilty for reasons she’s mentally ill, Thank you. Brett walks back to his seat with his chin up having the confidence of winning this easy case. Prosecution Attorney you may call your witness to the stand. Your honor, I call Megan to the stand. Now, Megan, do you recognize any familiar faces in this courtroom? Megan shy and a bit confused but has a somewhat idea of why she’s here replies, yes…pointing at Clemencia for a quick second as she’s intimidated by her giving Megan a dirty look like she wants to beat her ass up when she gets the chance. And how do you remember her, Brett asks Megan in a nice soothing voice as if it was therapy. Megan replies, I remember her from the birthday party Drew introduced me to her, she was really nice at the time I don’t know why she’s here. Getting a bit louder. Brett replies it’s okay Megan everything will make sense in due time is there anything else that she said or did to you? I think I recall her calling at 4 in the morning asking for Drew but didn’t get a clear hearing but only made out from the conversation her saying to Drew “Dumb Bitch” who knows who she was calling a dumb bitch. Megan a middle-aged woman around her 40s she’s a redheaded American lady, a stay at home mother. Thank you, Megan, you may have a seat, Brett pointing where she was previously seating. Clemencia has written a personal narrative that was handed to Sandra Cisneros to be published in her book, in my hand having an exact copy of the book. Your honor Clemencia is in need of seeking help, not only is she sabotaging this family but is also sleeping with other couple’s baby daddy. For example, in pg.180 “its always given me a bit of crazy joy to be able to kill those women like that…their guts yanked inside out, the baby sucking their breast while their husband sucked mines.” (Cisneros pp 180). Does this seem normal, does anyone in the jury would like to share a similar experience? A couple of nodes of no but a complete silence echoed through the courtroom. Your point Mr. Vaughn. My point is that this is no common situation it’s disgraceful it is outrageous that’s why she is in need to be sent to a mental hospital being supervised 24hrs. Objection! The attorney of defense stands furiously up. My client is in no need of supervision in the looney bin as it’s not her fault for the way she acts. Her parents were never a good role model as her mother abandoned her after their father’s death. Her mother saw his husband’s death as an opportunity to having a fresh new start. In her literacy narrative she says, an I quote “Ma always sick and too busy worrying about her own life, she would’ve sold us to the devil if she could.” (Cisneros PP.172). With her Father death, Clemencia lost both her parents, if his father was still around things would have been different. The blame isn’t just on her but on Drew, I call Drew to the stand if I may your honor. You may proceed says the judge. Drew how did you meet Clemencia? Drew nervously replies as he knows where this is leading up to, at school. How drew? Was she a teacher assistant did she work there? Theirs a dramatic age difference between you two. Drew sighs, she…she was my student. Oh so you flirt with all you’re students I suppose, tell me how many other victims have you slept with? Drew backfires saying, I’ve never slept with her, she’s just some crazy bitch! McFologan tilts his head with a statement in his hands and replies back, Oh really well it stats here that you “…yanked my head back by the braid. Calling me that name in between little gulps of breath and raw kisses you gave…” (Cisneros pp 175). The courtroom gasps mumbling in the distance. You even gave her a nickname, Malinche. It is your own fault that you mislead Clemencia. If you weren’t sleeping with your student this wouldn’t have happened. How many other victims have you slept with huh? Hold it! Brett standing with his arm out, this is out topic your honor! ‘smack, smack’ order in the court!  Thank you Drew you may go back to your seat, now Brett anything else you want to add?  I would like to add a specific part where Clemencia is at Drew house waiting for dinner and gets the brilliant idea to leave gummy bears in different parts where Megan would eventually come across to. She says “I got a strange satisfaction wandering about the house leaving them in places only she would look.” (Cisneros Pp 192). Not only is this invading someone’s privacy but it’s not mentally right as its Obsessive & Desperation. Her ego to be with Drew is driving her crazy that she’s also sleeping with her son. Noted in paragraph 6 “When you were a moth inside your mother’s heart, I was your father’s student, yes just like you’re mine now” (Cisneros pp.179).  This act may lead Clemencia to endanger someone in the future. Like so when Drew son gets a girlfriend of his age, what does Clemencia have left? She even says “I sleep with this boy, their son. To make the boy love me the way I love his father.” (Cisneros pp 194). Therefore, I rest my case immediate action has to take place. There’s no telling when she’ll snap and putting someone’s life endangered. The Judge strokes his chin absorbing all the information that was said comes to a final to a conclusion. Would the attorney of defense like to add anything else? No, your Honor but I would like to ask the jury something says Mcfologan looking towards the jury. Ladies and gentleman, do you all recall that significant other that broke you’re heart? Do you remember the feeling of how miserable they left you for someone else? The only thing that came to mind was what did you do wrong that drove them away. Now imagine the pain that Clemencia is going through as Drew was that one that made her feel special. We all learn from our parents, which Clemencia didn’t have except her father. Which explains why Clemencia isn’t interested in men her age as she tries to become the better role model that her parents never for filled. When her mother tells Clemencia this “because your father, he was so much older than me, and I never had a chance to be young.” (Cisneros pp.173). That scarred her and is what she was taught by her parents. Thank you that is all your honor. In the case of the sentencing of Clemencia to a mental hospital I, the judge of San Antonio Texas, find the defendant…


The propose of leaving this story unfinished similar to what Sandra Cisneros left her short story in a cliffhanger, I was just about creating a theme. Sandra Cisneros left the reader wondering what happened to Clemencia. Is she still sleeping with Drew son? Is Clemencia having Drew Son newborn? Did she move back to her sister? Did she finally seek help or even found a new lover? Or better yet did she seek revenge as she broke down wanting to get the satisfaction feeling like she got when sabotaging Drew family. The purpose was not to give an ending to the story but to provide that what Cleminsia did is not right

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