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There are several different types of blogs you can write for points in this class. The text that you choose to blog about should be something we read together, from our textbook, or something else cleared with the professor.

Remember, text means more than just written essays. You can use a TED talk, interview, podcast, book, video, etc. It needs to be relevant to the topic of the class.

Blog 10XP

250+ words, 1 Image, Unique title

The first blog type is the summary response. This is a short one page, or 250 word blog posts where you summarize a text and respond to it. The blog must include one relevant image and a unique title. The blogs are for the benefit of everyone, so make sure the title and author you are responding to are clear.

Think of this one as a regular blog post about a text you read. It should help someone who wants to know more about the article. This blog uses a more informal tone. You can use I and/or a casual tone.

La Llorona

Teaching Blog 15XP

400+ Words, 1 or more images, Clear title.

The teaching blog is a longer blog posts for the benefit of the class. In this blog post you write a longer, more detailed summary that includes the main points of the text. Quote passages that you think are significant. Include questions for discussion, one or two questions to help us think about the text. Add one or more images that are relevant and helpful for understanding the text.

This blog post is meant to help teach the text. It can be something we bring up in class that gives a good summary of the text and includes questions to think about or discuss as a class. This is a more academic tone. Try not to use I and remain objective.

Scholarly Blog 25XP

600+ words, 1 or more images, descriptive title, 1 – 2 scholarly sources, works cited.

The scholarly blog places a text in conversation with one or two other texts. The conversation should be scholarly (i.e. reliable, based in research) so use academic or scholarly sources. You will connect the topic or points discussed in the text to a bigger conversation. The blog should include a summary of both the original text and the scholarly texts. The topic should be clear explained and elaborated on using the scholarly texts.

This blog posts is meant to get you to begin doing the work of the academy and beyond. The conversation is important to include and to define. Make sure that the context is clear so that anyone reading your blog can follow along without being lost. Make sure to cite in MLA format and include quotes when appropriate.

Article Analysis 20XP

500+ words, 1 image, clear title, proper MLA, and works cited.

This blog post will summarize and evaluate a scholarly article. The analysis should include an introduction where you introduce the article, author, the field or genre of the work, and the conversation it is responding to. Summarize the article briefly, what “They Say.” Be critical. Include both the good and the bad of the article, but don’t focus on the negative only. After the summary, analyze the main ideas of the article discussing, in your own words what the findings were and what the author is trying to argue. Make sure to give enough context so that readers will understand what the article is about and how to use it as research for scholarly writing. What does the article help answer and how can it be used as support. Ask yourself if the article is clear, accurate, and cohesive. Include enough context: who, what, when, where, how, and why.

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