In Culiacan Sinaloa, Mexico a man in his early twenties kissed his mom goodbye, hugged his brothers and sisters knowing very well that he would never see them again, and even though he smiled and left cheerfully, he had sorrow deep down in his heart. It took him a short while to cross thuman smuggulinghe dangerous desert, this was easy back in 1990’s since there wasn’t much guarding back in the 1990’s there was not much protection for the border between Tijuana and San Diego. So, he crossed relatively easy since he had help from relatives and friends, he also had help from a Coyote, a person who people pay to get them across the Border line, but this isn’t the easiest way, since there have been countless times and stories about their treacherous work. The Coyote charged him $100 dollars and crossed him over, he made it to Tijuana and then contacted his aunt to pick him up in San Diego.

A woman in her early twenties also decided to cross a few years later, she bid farewell to her remaining family, kissed her 2-year-old daughter goodbye and made her way over. She struggled more than the man but eventually made it over, facing dangerous and sad moments in her journey, she witnessed people getting caught and arrested by La Migra the border patrol, to children barely eight years old being left behind. These are just some examples from the journeys that immigrants go through, some more arduous than others but an experience that lots of immigrants go through and will never forget. Although many immigrants come from vastly different countries, most come from south of the border, but others come from Europe and Asia. They go through lots and once they reach their destination it’s not any easier, they get discriminated, they get bad jobs which are mostly blue collar jobs or they take to the fields to harvest strawberries and other fruits which is an arduous task. ThEllis Island Immigrant Flagey don’t get benefits, they don’t get treated as equals and people along politicians alike want them out, when in turn they are a boon to the state that they live in, and to the nation. They provide money from federal and state taxes, they take any job they can get no matter how menial the job is. They also provide jobs by starting little companies which help add to the economy. They also enhance the cultural aspect that the US is greatly known for. Immigrants that bring so many benefits to the state and nation that they inhabit, should be more appreciated, they should be more understood, people should empathize with immigrants instead of attacking them. But they just get insulted, harassed and treated as people who don’t have their own voice.

In the US immigrants have always been looked down upon since the early 1900’s when lots of German, Irish, Italian, and English came to the US all with the same goal that lots of people now in present time have, finding a better life. Many flee from home, leaving behind family, friends, and in some cases even children. Lots of immigrants leave knowing that they may never see their family again, knowing that their brothers and sisters are going to be buried and they cannot be there to drop a flower on their casket. Many of immigrants flee their home, one where they are constantly being attacked, shot at, or simply being killed, some countries are war scarred, or are tainted with the blood of the Governments fight against the Cartels. These immigrants leave their war-scarred home to make a new life in a different war scarred home, but this home isn’t tainted by blood of soldiers, or tainted by a civil war. It is tainted with the words of ignorance, words from people who don’t understand and fear people who are different than them.

People who are dogmatic in their views on immigrants have referred to them as “Illegal Aliens” which is a term that is “highly descriptive {to the point} that some argue that it inappropriately implies criminality” (Cultural wars in America). Many people refer to immigrants as “Illegal Aliens” the term “Aliens” is one that is used when insulting or talking about a person who isn’t from the same place as someone else. While it is correct that many immigrants are not from the same place as “Americans” it is not correct to use it against all immigrants, many of these “Aliens” whom have been here for more than ten years consider themselves “Americans”. So, what does it mean to be “American”? many people ask, the ignorant masses would respond being born in the US. But to other people it would be loving the country, “…ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what can you do for your country” (John F. Kennedy) jfk-quote-ask-not-what-youre-country-can-do-for-youasking what can I do for this country to help improve it, is what people consider being “American”. Immigrants do just that, but the ignorant masses say that they steal jobs and create anchor babies, they lower the economy. But on the contrary, they improve things or help restore them. In New York, illegal immigrants “Began moving into badly decaying neighborhoods, they helped revitalize neighborhoods in the South Bronx and east Brooklyn” (The American Economy) immigrants whether they were “legal or illegal” (The American Economy) helped the neighborhoods come back to life. Immigrants also started their own businesses. They began doing menial unfavorable jobs, to the southwest and Midwest immigrants harvested (The American Economy), they harvested strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables. But immigrants didn’t stop there, they went on to run many businesses, some which were run by “Koreans who ran grocery stores, Russians, Haitians, Dominicans and Ethiopians ran taxi services in neighborhoods where the Yellow cab didn’t run after dark” (The American Economy). Immigrants helped advance the city of New York, since it is one the main cities for immigration with Italians and Irish flowing into it in the early 1900’s. New York is known for having neighborhoods of concentrated people who are immigrants, New York being a port city has had humongous flows of immigrants to it, which many of them stated that they saw the statue of liberty and realized they were in a whole different world. New York is a prime example of immigrants being helpful and contributing to the society and nation.

In the US, there are states that dislike immigrants even though they have an abundance of them. Arizona is a state that has policies against immigrants even though they have a large percentage of them, and thus they passed a law that terrorized immigrants and became a hassle for the people who reside there legally. Arizona in 2010 passed a SB 1070 a law that “requires law-enforcement officers to verify the citizenship of individuals they stop when they have a ‘Reasonable Suspicion” that someone may be unlawfully present in the united states” (“Can racial profiling be avoided under Arizona law”) officers who stop someone for a traffic violation now must prove that they are in fact living in the US legally. This caused problems because not only are immigrants being caught but peoRacial Profilingple must go through the hassle of verifying their legal status. People now must carry a passport or have documentation verifying their status. While immigrants must be more cautious of being out in public. People argue that it is a right move in part of the state legislature, making it tougher for immPassports-Guide-Featuredigrants to dodge their justice. Officers if they are ignorant of other races can ask anyone who is foreign looking and arrest them claiming that they are an “Alien”, while the person in handcuffs isn’t. this is according to the article, racial profiling, when they can stop anyone who looks foreign and have full power to harass them for it. In Arizona “…Latino-Americans will be targeted based on their ethnicity or race” (“Can Racial Profiling be Avoided Under Arizona Law”) anyone who looks like an immigrant in this case “Latinos” will be pulled over for questioning since oRacial Profiling cartoonfficers have the power to do it. These Latinos will be pulled over and asked if they are US citizens or not. Racial profiling is not moral, that means that the law that was passed is directly meant to attack the Latino community and weed out the immigrants. But this in turn hurt Arizona all while appeasing the few. Arizona’s economy is composed of rapidly growing tourist spots, farm products such as a broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce are the biggest percentages of the Arizonian economy. With a small percentage of the economy generated by military activity and spending in the Forts that are in Arizona. Immigrant workers being stopped and arrested, imperiling the cultivation, and slowing down work is a direct result from SB 1070 who gave officers the right to Racially profile. Laws passed like SB 1070 are harmful, not just to immigrants but also to actual residents who live in the US. People are being harassed and accused directly, the point that Arizona isn’t attacking immigrants but attacking Latinos. Although people say that most if not all immigrants are of Hispanic origin. While most immigrants that flow into the US currently are of Latino origin, a good percentage still originates from Asia and the Middle East.

Ignorant masses constantly attack immigrants on the basis that they don’t provide much. They falsely claim that immigrants only drain the economy, they steal jobs. Immigrants don’t drain the economy. They add to it, immigrants create jobs not just for their community but they create the, for everyone. One thing that an immigrant made that people take for granted every day is Google. Sergey BrinGoogle Characters, a man who immigrated with his family from the Soviet Union at the age of six, he went on to get a higher education and eventually acquired a bachelor’s degree from Maryland University. He went on to co-found Google with Larry Page. Google “although starting life as a simple internet search engine” (Encyclopedia of Global Studies) became so big that “it would take the length of this entry simply to list all them” (Encyclopedia of Global Studies). Google got to the point that it is in almost every aspect of internet life. It encompasses the daily tools of people, like google chrome, and YouTube. Programs that people use in their everyday life such as Gmail. People don’t know that the programs that they use daily was co-founded by a Soviet immigrant. An immigrant who immigrated from a country who despised the current country that he lives in now. Brin immigrated to the US for religious reasons according to The Google Story Brin’s parents were Jewish, his father was on his way to become a soviet astronomer, but since he was Jewish he wasn’t allowed to rise further in the ranks, thus his parents decided to move to the US to get “… a better life, to not get restricted because of someone’s relGoogles Servicesigion” (The Google Story). Brin immigrated like many other immigrants, he went on to get a higher education an eventually created Google. Sergey Brin is an example of immigrants contributing to the US, he co-founded a very influential company that created programs that people use in everyday life. Yet people still attack immigrants, stating that they don’t contribute to the nation. But immigrants contribute more than they think, whether it’s a small contribution or a huge one like Sergey Brin or Elon Musk whom have contributed very great things. Elon musk born in Pretoria, Transvaal (Now Gauteng) South Africa, works in the US, he co-founded and designed Tesla, a company that manufactures electrical vehicles that have a good sale in in the US. Sales in the US are taxed which thus is turned to gains that the US acquires. An immigrant that benefits to the US, and benefits the world. Many immigrants do contribute to the US, but their biggest contribution is towards society, and the cultural aspect that the US is known for. The US is called a melting pot because of the different cultures and races that mix and mingle into a single identity “American”, many different cultures get mixed in and eventually syncretize.

One noticeable syncretize is “Chicanos”. Mexican-American people who don’t belong to their Mexican heritage or completely agree with their American heritage, they blended both together. They took a slang word used by Latinos to refer to an American born Latino, and a word that was used in prejudice against Latinos, Hispanics and made it into something new, its own little culture, with its own type of language. Many of the immigrants that flee to the US don’t necesseraly dispose of their culture, but they syncretize it with the ones that already exist in the US.  But even in the history of immigration in the US, Italians immigrated to the US to escape the mafia back in Italy, they brought with them their culture, and in many cultures their cuisine is what’s most noticeable. Pasta is what Italians brought over and became well known and liked throughout the US. Culture is what makes the US so diverse, so known to the point in being called a Melting pot. Immigration is a subject that 10-0167_Clark 1..19isn’t very much talked about. The subject divides people, and then people start mixing it in with their own values and morals. Immigration is a subject that should be treated honestly and fairly, instead of being treated as “Hear no evil, see no evil”. The subject should be touched upon and spoken of, it should be more debated in politics and it should be given more attention than it should be, that way more solutions could be made, more agreements can be created to help immigrants.