MLA Style

Why do we cite sources in academic writing?


We will be going over the 8th edition MLA citation Style. You can look under our resources page for MLA or APA guides. There are three things to consider for each style guide you use:

  1. Page Formatting
  2. In-Text Citations
  3. Works Cited/References Page

Why we cite.

  1. Establishes credibility.
  2. A road map. Scholarship is an ongoing conversation.
  3. It gives credit. Acknowledges those that contributed to your ideas.

In-Text Citation

Also called parenthetical citations.

One Author: (Ramos 1)

Two Authors: (Smith and Ramos 1)

Three or more Authors: (Ramos et al. 1)

The Art of Summarizing

Chapter 2 explains how to write an extended summary. We will be working with this today moving into beginning our essays. Careful you do not write a list summary or “closest cliche”. The book treats summary and paraphrase similarly. Keep in mind that you will also be using quotes.

Why I, as a black man, attend KKK rallies. | Daryl Davis

Daryl Davis convinced multiple people to leave the KKK. He did not convince them through argument and logic. Write for a few minutes on the video, answer these questions.
  • What stood out to you?
  • What can we learn from this?
  • Why do you think they people left the KKK?

Free Write

Five minutes. Comment below with your free write.

What literacy are you going to write about? What moment are you going to focus on? Summarize the literacy you have learned.