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Review Essay

Intro to Review

A review, or evaluation, combines the skills of close critical reading with the skills of argument. Evaluations are very common in the real world. Someone is always ready to tell us what could be done differently, or better. An evaluation is a researched argument, mainly focusing on a small range of primary texts: a movie, a book, a short story, a TV show, a product, a text, a painting, a picture, etc. An evaluation offers a judgment, after a close critical reading. The criteria for this judgment should be fleshed out with support and evidence drawn from the primary texts. Evaluations are fun to read and write. They can be contentious and are often inflected with personal opinion.


  • 1,000+ Words
  • 1+ Images
  • 1-2 Primary texts
  • 1-2 Scholarly sources
  • MLA Style
  • Clear thesis and introduction

Parts of the Assignment

  • Rough Draft 20 points
  • Peer Review 20 points
  • Final Draft 150 points

Grading Criteria

  • Clear subject of evaluation and criteria to explore subject
  • Close reading and analysis
  • Clear structure and organization
  • Access relevant materials (primary and secondary research) and integrate research
  • MLA, Works Cited, and Sources
  • Images and Title
  • Clear topic and thesis

Example Reviews




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