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Extending the Conversation Essay

Option A: Extending the Conversation

This project invites you to extend our conversations about American Literature and Identity by reading an article/book chapter that is not on the syllabus and presenting and writing about what the article contributes to our conversation. It is an opportunity for you to explore issues or questions about American Literature and Identity that are of particular interest to you.

A successful essay will provide both an analytical summary of the piece you chose to engage with and discuss how that piece connects to and/or extends our conversation in American Literature.

  1. You should put the scholarly article in conversation with one or more of the texts and/or authors we read in class. It needs to connect with a text from Unit 3 but can also connect to other texts from before.
  2. Prepare a handout to go along with the article.
  3. Prepare a four to six minutes presentation


  • 1000 – 1500 Words
  • One handout
  • Four to Six minute presentation
  • One+ scholarly sources
  • At least one image
  • MLA and Works Cited

Option B: Creative Adaptation

For the creative adaptation, you will pick a text we have read in unit 3 and create something inspired by it. The creative adaptation can be a poem, a song, a video, a drawing, etc. You can write in the style of the author to create something completely new. You can draw a scene from one of the texts we read. It is up to you to decide on the text you want to write work from as well as the medium. The only requirement is that the creative adaptation be something that can fit on a standard sheet of paper. If you write a song, you can print the lyrics or the sheet music on the 1-page interpretation. If it is a song, bring it in on a flash drive or email it to yourself to play in class. If you paint something, take a picture of it and print it to hand in as the 1-page adaptation. This is meant to play to your strengths so please do not pick something you have never done before.

You will have to present your creative adaptation to the class. You can prepare something or show us your creative adaptation and explain it to us.

  1. Create something inspired by one of the text we read in Unit 3.
  2. Write a two to three page explanation and reflection on the adaptation.
  3. Prepare a three to five minute presentation.


  • 1-page front or front and back adaptation (Remember I need to carry this home for grading)
  • 2 to 3-page explanation reflection posted to class blog.
  • Three to Five minute presentation
  • At least 1 scholarly source aside from our text (Connect it to your adaptation)
  • At least 1 image to go along with the blog post (It can be a picture of the creative adaptation)
  • MLA Works Cited
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