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Solution Argument

Solution Argument Essay


  • Five+ scholarly sources
  • MLA citations and Works Cited
  • 1,000+ Words
  • Clear Purpose and Thesis
  • Brief description of the problem
  • Argue a clear solution
  • Use research as evidence


This essay assignment asks you to use all the available means of persuasion to argue for a solution to a problem. Our aim is to do some good in this world by building knowledge. Seize this opportunity to add something to a conversation. Begin with research to find possible solutions to the problem you present briefly. If you come up with your own solution to the problem, make sure to base it in research to provide reasons and evidence to support your solution.

Use the rhetorical strategies and techniques we have discussed in class regarding making an argument and the elements of persuasion, to compose an essay that briefly presents a problem and seeks to find a solution. Arguing the solution is the purpose of this assignment. This paper is your own argument, but you should take into account what you’ve learned during this course: begin by showing the conversation your paper is responding to, have a clear statement of your own argument, include quotes and incorporate them smoothly, point out possible objections to your argument, use appropriate transitions, and explain why the issue matters. You might also consider adding metacommentary and finding ways to include your own voice, even though this is academic writing.

Remember to use scholarly sources and make use of MLA formatting for citing sources in the text and in the works cited page.

Parts of the Assignment

Proposal: Write a proposal for Assignment 4, explaining what topic and problem you’ve chosen. Describe your decision-making process and think ahead to the research process: How will you investigate this topic? What sorts of sources will you look for? What questions or concerns do you have about the project?

Rough Draft: a rough draft of the solution argument will be due for peer review.

Grading Criteria

Here are the five criteria, we will be using to grade the essays. Use this to help build and revise your essay.

  1. Does the essay have a clear purpose and direction, including a thesis statement with a clear and arguable solution?
  2. Does the essay include a brief description of the problem being considered?
  3. Does the essay argue a clear solution, using research and evidence, paying specific attention to audience?
  4. Does the essay follow standard mechanics? MLA formatting and citation, Works Cited page, proper punctuation and grammar, appropriate word choice, minimum of 1,000 words, minimum of 5 sources.
  5. Does the essay have an appropriate title and image(s)?
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