When one hears someone mention wholesome food, one automatically assumes it’s healthy choice?  Well, to one’s surprise, ‘junk food’ can actually be healthier for your than most wholesome food.  The wholesome food community is ‘toe-to-toe’ with fast food, as if the loser is going to be responsible for obesity in America. Based off of David Freedman’s research, published as “How Junk Food Can End Obesity,” he states, “According to a recent study, Americans get 11 percent of their calories, on average, from fast food,” (Freedman 525).  This shows that if you were to make the healthier choice while ordering at a drive-thru, you could change your 11 percent of calories you obtain from fast food from unhealthy calories to healthy calories.

Michael Pollan states “The food they’re cooking is making people sick,” (Freedman 508).  Pollan mentions that fast food causes, and leads, to medical conditions due to the fat and sugar content found in fast food.  However, based off of Freedman’s experience, they are essentially at the same level.  The only main difference is that fast food is processed and wholesome food is not. Food being processed doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not as healthy for you as some people, such as Pollan, might think.  Pollan also believes that without the processing of food, there will be no “genetically modified ingredients,” (Freedman, 512).

Although the wholesome food community admits their food is full of carbs and sugars similar to fast food, they believe that since there is no processing of their product, it suddenly makes wholesome food healthier.  There are other aspects that differ between wholesome foods and fast food due to processing.  Fast food does contain numerous artificial flavoring and preservatives with “genetically modified ingredients,” (Freedman 512), while wholesome food does not.  Freedman admits there have been studies that proved people who eat wholesome foods tend to be healthier than those who eat a majority of fast foods.  However, Freedman also found that some researchers have mentioned they tried to control the exterior factors of a person’s diet that include smoking, lack of exercise, and other unhealthy habits.  Freedman states, “That’s a claim most scientists don’t put much faith in,” (Freedman 518).

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Rather than take any ownership in the problem, the wholesome food community and Pollan would like to point the finger at fast food for the blame of why America has such a high obesity rate.  However, fast food companies aren’t seen putting a bad name out in the public for the wholesome food companies. That is except for Freedman but that is because he found out facts that prove otherwise.  There is fast food that is lower in calories, carbs, and fat.  The healthier options are provided at almost every fast food drive-thru.  Fast food companies have the ability to provide a healthier choice but that doesn’t forgive the fact that one’s lifestyle must include exercise.  Yes, fast food companies have the marketing, technology, and funds to provide healthier food, but one must be able and willing to make that choice, as well as exercise.

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People aren’t normally attracted to a product marketed by the company as healthy for you.  This is possibly because along with the description of an item being healthy, people tend to associate bad flavor with healthy food which is hard to disagree with.  It comes down to willingness and one’s own decision to make healthy choices to reach that specific goal they want.  It doesn’t stop with the willingness to choose a healthier meal, the willingness to go for a run or lift weights in the gym has to come along with it.  In the past, people used to have to actively hunt for their food, prepare their food, and then cook it too.  This provided a type of exercise during the steps of being able to eat.  Exercising has been made a daily aspect of our lives now, due to people who have jobs in which there is little to no exercising.  Because both exist, people can choose to eat healthy wholesome foods or healthy processed foods! however without exercise, one will not obtain the optimal goal of being healthy.

Making a one-time decision to eat something healthy is not enough. Just like quitting the use of tobacco, one must stick with it.  Have a plan; how many calories will be needed in a day based on the amount or how long you will exercise for.  The less exercise, the less calories needed, and the more exercise the more calories needed.  Willingness is a huge part in obtaining an optimal goal one’s health, however, time and money are also important factors.  There are a lot of people who are obese and this could be the result of financial issues.  You cannot exercise properly if you do not have proper workout gear such as running shoes, or any other gear that would be used to prevent injuries.  Everything that goes along with a diet involves money. If one can simply not afford to purchase healthier food, workout gear, or afford a gym membership, it would be almost impossible to lose weight if you are obese. Low money levels also affect one’s desire to live a healthy lifestyle because at that point it is simply just easier to purchase what is cheap and what tastes good.

Even those who can afford a healthy lifestyle simply might not have the time to spend preparing a healthy diet and lifestyle because their work life overwhelms their personal life.  Freedman proves his point in this article that the wholesome food community cannot just point their finger at fast food community and say it’s their fault America is obese.  Fast food companies do have healthy products, and if one would read the nutrition facts on wholesome food products they are worse or not even that much better in sugar and fat content.  However, neither did Freedman or Pollan talk about one’s exercise plan or incorporate it into the reason for the high obesity rate.  We were not built to just eat and work at desks, our bodies need to move and some more than others.  Exercise is a must to reach the optimal goal of being healthy and fit that your body can reach.

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