In Ted Talk, Jonathan Haidt: “Can a Divided America Heal?”, the discussion was of our divided country. It had great points, for example, we are racially divided and that immigration is a big issue in our country. Also, that we divide ourselves to be with those who are the same as one another and that we need a new kind of empathy. But then again, it’s hard to see one another’s side because, of the point made in the discussion, that social media is being framed as something that brings people together when it mostly divides us. Even though I concede that we are a divided country, we need a new kind of empathy, and that social media doesn’t truly bring us together, I still insist that even though we divide apart from the left side to the right, to be with those who are similar or have the same beliefs, there will still be conflict between those in each side with one another.

I agree with the point made in Ted Talk that we are racially divided in our country. I see racial arguments on immigrants and even about those who were born in this country. People attack each other verbally, through social media, and sometimes physically over this subject. I’ve read posts of people agreeing and disagreeing that illegal immigrants are taking our jobs and taking advantage of our welfare even though this may be true due to the fact they aren’t becoming citizens legally, people use that as an excuse to treat people of that certain race poorly by just assuming they are illegal. An example of people assuming someone’s illegal is the story of a waitress in Virginia who received a hurtful and racist written message on the receipt where the tip number amount should have been. Abc 7 news report on Facebook said they left the message: “We only tip citizens” on the receipt. The waitress was, in fact, born in the U.S. and they just assumed she wasn’t and judged her from her race. People attack the whole race instead of the person who is in the wrong. Those that commit the wrong actions shouldn’t be attacked either but instead we should be coming together to fix the issues instead of spreading racism and attacking a certain race for someone else’s actions who happened to be that certain race. Not one race is perfect so that’s why I feel we shouldn’t attack each other but come together to help the issues instead of creating more problems and making the existing issues worse.

I also agree with the fact immigration is a big issue in our country. We, ourselves, were immigrants when we founded this country. We’ve always been a sanctuary for those looking for a better life from poverty. I feel we should always help others considering our history. I also agree with the fact that the more people we bring in it decreases our economy trying to help others and yet we still have our own citizens we need to take care of. For example, the homeless and our veterans. I see both sides in the immigration issue but feel we need to continue helping others and come together to help our own citizens as well; to find a balance between the two.

I support the statement Jonathan Haidt made, “the more people feel the same the more they trust each other.” So when we divide to different sides we tend to go with those who share the same feelings and beliefs. Instead of dividing in different directions we need to be coming together as one to address all the issues at hand, not just the ones each side thinks should be more important or right. At the end of the day both sides are right and should try to fix all the problems together. Also, each side needs to be more open minded about each other’s beliefs but peoples’ pride and the need to be right gets in the way of seeing each other’s point of view. People need a new kind of empathy to accept each other’s points and to actually sit down, listen, and realize both sides make great points. They also need to accept being wrong in the conversation as well.

Another great issue we have in our society and country is social media. In the discussion it is said that social media is framed as a force to bring us together but, in reality it just causes more conflict and is another source people use to separate and attack one another. In a way though social media does help us keep family and friends close and in our lives through Facebook and Instagram. However, news stations have been using it to cause conflict and spread bias and terrible things. For example, all you see are headlines of how trump made this bad decision or made a horrible comment about Mexicans and Muslims and everything he’s done wrong. Rarely do you see the good he’s been and will be doing for the country. They make it seem like he’s attacking all Mexicans and Muslims or even the whole races when really he’s been trying to talk about the illegals and those committing terrorism. That’s where the commenters who have different views come along to comment their point of view just to end up in an argument with someone who doesn’t agree. Again, though I see both sides about how people feel about Mr. Trump, he does make awful comments but people and social media are using certain things he says against him. A great example of Trump’s words are being used against him is in the article, “Tim Kaine falsely says Trump said ‘all Mexicans are rapists’, by Warren Fiske from POLITIFACT Virginia, Tim says about Trump in a campaign rally, “The thing that amazes me is the depth of his trash with Latinos, saying all Mexicans are rapists and going after Latino immigrants.” What trump truly said was, “When Mexico sends its people, They’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re bringing rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

After all that’s been said and done, I still agree with all that was said in Ted Talk. Even though the issues are important we first as a country need to fix our problem of being divided and work to make our country work as one to fix all the rest of the problems. We cannot keep letting hatred, racism, and our pride divide us. We need to keep open minds to other’s point of views and figure out a way to work together. We are all people, we are each our own person, a human being, we shouldn’t let the color of our skin define who we are but let our own actions define who we each are. Blaming a whole race for someone else’s actions is wrong. Instead let’s have the person who did the bad actions to suffer the consequences of their actions, because at the end of the day who is responsible for what you said? For what you ate or did? You are. You, yourself, are responsible not anyone else. So in conclusion, we should be there for one another and build each other up instead of tearing each other down.