Free write

Take a few minutes and free write about the quote. What do you think it means?

“To know nothing of what happened before you were born, is to forever remain a child.” – Cicero

Think and Share

What does Sheryl Sandberg mean by “Lean In”?

Feminism Chunking Activity

Five groups. What are the main take-aways from the article.

  • Take-aways
  • Points
  • Quotes
  • Important

Write down three to five things that we need to remember from the article. One person write them down on the board, Scribe. One person email them to me along with the group or title, emailer. One person be the presenter. Everyone look for points and discuss what to say.

This is collaborative. The groups decide what we should talk about and what is important in their section of the article.

  1. Chapter 5 [p. 68]
  2. Sandberg first half [p. 642-649]
  3. Sandberg second half [p. 650-658]
  4. hooks first half [p. 659-666]
  5. hooks second half [p. 667-674]

Sheryl Sandberg – “Lean In: What Would you do If you Weren’t Afraid?”


bell hooks – “Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In