Alex Marshall


Eng. 101

8 February 2017

Politics are Fun

            Politics can be a very dangerous game. Throughout history, deadly wars have waged over political differences. Politics used to be a very simple thing where people from two parties would debate, but not anymore. Now if one were to wear a Trump shirt in Los Angeles, he or she may get killed. In the United States, there are two major political parties: the Republican and the Democrat. The two different parties have been separating and hating each other for years, but now it is on a whole new level, especially since the election in 2016.

Jonathan Haidt said in his Ted Talk, “politics have been happening for a very long time. It all started back when we were first evolving into humans.” He mentioned that it is in our blood to be part of a tribal creatures and stick together so we can be stronger. This is true. How could humanity ever have migrated out of the jungle alone without the knowledge from other people? How could mankind ever know how to make fires without communicating with others? So it is very beneficial for us to learn from one another. The author also said to take present times for example, we have the Internet to learn from each other and we could bounce off ideas to boost ourselves into the future.

Haidt said that both political parties have very different views on some topics such as immigration, war, and heath care. The right side, or Republican side, and the left side, or Democrat side, are on separate ends of the political spectrum. The right side is known as the ‘Working class American” which means they go out and work hard working jobs. Then the lefts is mostly capitol, which means they are mostly not blue collar workers. Haidt also mentioned that people want to have purified parties. Which he explained that, if one family was Republican and one was a Democrat the two kids from the parties cannot date.  Which I can very much so relate to that. My family is Republican so if I brought home a girl that loved Hilary my family would never let me live that down. When he said that in his Ted Talk I was glad to see that I was not the only one.

Another thing Haidt said in the Ted Talk was very interesting. He said that more than 50% of Americans think that the other side is trying to destroy the country, and those people really do think that deep down in their heart. With that logic it makes sense on why the Democratic Party would want to go out and sometimes harm the people from the other political parties.

With immigration, Haidt brought up how it could be a good thing and a bad thing. Diversity is a good thing. With diversity, people could learn so much about others and their perspectives. However, some other minor things we could learn and evolve off each other is, medicine, reading, and having to learn different languages. Some of the bad things about immigration that he brought up include letting in people who are part of ISIS if the country lacks a good screening process. Another big thing we could let into the country is people trying to take advantage of all the great things that we have in this nation. Everywhere else they would not have the affordable Heath Care Act. So if a tremendous of free loaders go on heath care then it will eventually drive up our taxes, then the hard working American would have to pay for it.

I think that the author has a couple of great points about the bad side of immigration. He really did focus on the American that is already living here and the bad effects such as taxes. I believe if we work out the kinks in letting people into our country, such as having a better screening process to prevent from letting members of ISIS just walk into America, it would keep America safer, and we would be able to take in people.

Then with the good things about immigration, he brought up amazing points, with medicine, food, and learning different language since we would all have to communicate. But is that good enough to outweigh the bad? If we has American’s just stop fighting and focus on comprising,  we can move forward on this issue.

Image result for immigration The author also brought up a fear of his. The fear was if we were to let the flood gates open and just let people come in then the cultures would have to mingle. For the most part he said that it would be a good thing to let the cultures mingle. But then on the other side it could be a very bad thing to let the cultures, and have these different religions co-exist together in such close proximity.

In conclusion, I agree with the author on the majority of everything he said. When he brought up immigration with the good and the bad he explained both sides perfectly. The first great thing he brought up was that the two sides are very much split away from each other. This is true because we can see it on the streets. The two sides would hardly even want to talk or see each other on the streets. Also he brought up how the world would never be at world peace since there are so many different mind sets between cultures. Politicians need to be careful on what they do, politics can be a very dangerous game.






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