Due Today: Rough draft of Report and Annotated Bibliography

Introduction to Sandra Cisneros

Have you ever read anything by Sandra Cisneros before this class?

Did anybody look here up? What did you find out? Her books were banned in Arizona. Why do you think they banned them?

Pioneering Chicana writer Sandra Cisneros received the 2015 National Medal of Arts Award from President Barack Obama at the White House, Thursday morning (Sept. 22).

Why are we reading her stories in a composition class? How is this different from our previous readings?

Birthday Party


La Pinata mural by Diego Rivera


If you were Rachel, what would you have done?

To answer this, write a dialogue between Rachel and Mrs. Price. Begin your dialogue with:

Mrs. Price: Of course the sweater’s yours. I remember you wearing it once.

Continue the dialogue any way you want.

Report Grading Rubric

There are six grading criteria for the report.

  1. Use of Sources
  2. Depth of Topic
  3. Presents information Objectively
  4. MLA/APA citations and Works Cited
  5. Grammar, Word choice, Spelling
  6. Images, Title, and Tone

When you revise you report, make sure you address all six categories. You want at least a two from the zero to three scale, for each one.


Final draft of the report is due tonight. Post it to this class blog. Make sure you have at least one image! It should include a works cited at the end of the post or your annotated bibliography. If you have a PowerPoint, post it as a link.

Summary/Response to “Woman Hollering Creek” short story. 1 page.

Read Woman Hollering Creek pages 1-68 if you have not yet.