It is Cleofilas wedding day. Just not the one she had envisioned growing up. Her fiancé Juan did not want a long engagement. So Cleofilas had to sacrifice her grand dreams to meet the demands of her future husband. Cleofilas was nervous however she was looking forward to the beginning of beautiful life.Even thought it would require her to be taken far away from her native land and culture as her and her husband’s job was in Texas. In this foreign land she finds frustration and pain, where there is no support from family or friends. She managed to settled into her new life and attempted to fulfill the role of what she perceived a good wife should do.

Time goes by and even thought Juan lacks the ability to earn a decent living they forge ahead and they have a child. Juan frustrations from his inability to take care of his family grows, and even though Cleofilas is pregnant, he emotionally and physically abusing her. Isolated in a violent marriage and living in extreme poverty weighed heavy on her heart and consume her life.It was supposed to be a life full of passion. However, it will be full of oppression and fear. The expectations of her cultural gender role has entrapped her into this vicious and unforgiving life. When going through a sonogram the technician takes note of the bruises all over her body. She reaches out to a friend to help Cleofilas across the Mexican border and back to her family.

It has been an extraordinarily long engagement in the fight to overcome gender inequality. A treacherous road paved by the never-ending struggles, mistreatment and the unspeakable abuse women have encountered. Equality has been passionately pursued by those emotionally and physically exploited. Their toils and unwavering commitment screams out to the public to hear their cries. They will not tolerate being silenced or minimized. The absurd inequality and outrageous atrocities committed have propelled the fight for equality to forefront of public dialog. And because of that the glass ceiling is closer to being shattered with each new generation.

Sadly, the story, “In Woman Hollering Creek” exemplifies the extreme challenges women are vigorously faced with throughout their life. Their battle encompasses our preconceptions of the different expectations that society holds for the men and women. Unfortunately, for Cleofilas the deeply held traditional view of a women’s role negatively impacted her relationship with Juan. She was a victim of abuse and oppression based on gender inequality.It was difficult to read about the struggles that she endured. Cleofilas was a young  woman whom lacked the loving encouragement of affectionate mother. Sadly, she was literally thrown to the wolf’s by her own father under the mask of tradition. She surrendered her independence for an arraigned marriage. Further, she was stripped her of her humanity as they fleeced her of her childhood dreams. For Cleofilas her fantasies of a picturesque wedding were squandered as she surrendered to will of her fiancé. Juan did not genuinely appreciate to the significance of her contribution to their relationship. And he lacked the thoughtfulness and affection that a virtuous woman deserves. If only he truly Cherished her, he would have held her in the highest regard and made her the center of his unwavering devotion.

Tragically, as the story unfolded that was the least of her problems. Quickly after their wedding she was whisked her away from all that she had ever known. Her friends and family were out of reach. Juan was overbearing and took advantage of her kind-hearted desire to fulfill her marital duties. In order to control the situation Juan intentionally keep her isolated. He wanted to stifle her independence and prevent her from reveling the grime circumstances. In a foreign land, unable to speak the common language Cleofilas felt hopeless in her pursuit to escape the situation. However as her relationship with Juan continued to falter under the overwhelming weight of Juan’s abuse, Cleofilas could no longer conceal the physical abuse that her insecure and controlling husband inflicted on her. Cleofilas a young naïve woman afraid to speak out against an abusive husband, would take no more. Though bruised and battered, She was empowered to change her future. With the help of a stranger, Cleofilas felt the roar of a woman hollering over the creek as she crossed over to her new life.