Today, families and teachers are being frustrated with the new education system. Due to Common Core being the main focus, government officials are the ones being blamed.  Many are wondering why Common Core is the new way of learning. They do not see the more complexity it adds to education and it is not just about learning anymore. Education is now about showing that you know how to apply your knowledge you have learned. Forty-two out of fifty states in the United States of America have chosen that Common Core is the best option to students, at the state level. This report will benefit society to be more aware to common core, more accepting and more understanding, the Common Core way.

       Common Core is very much frowned upon because many do not understand what Common Core is for, which leads to many students and teachers choosing to hate it and look at it as too difficult or unnecessary. It leads to the question; what is Common Core exactly? As the Department of Defense Educational Activity states, “The Common Core is a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy”, that began to take affect within the United States in 2009 with the help of former Governor, Janet Napolitano (DoDEA 2). The standards go for students that are in kindergarten through 5ecf06790bd1a05b261b40ffebf44e40twelfth grade and their curriculum is based off the Common Core standards. Since Common Core is said to be focused on Mathematics and English, A Civil Transactional Perspective mentions, “Educational reform movements (e.g., No Child Left Behind) silently removed social studies and science from most elementary classrooms by turning teachers’ attention to high-stakes testing focused on reading and math” (Pennington 1). Although science and social studies are not a main focus, students are still required to take them. Therefore, students are not being cheated by knowledge that is required or expected to know in the future. Common-CoreCommon Core is slowly becoming the focus in education and it is important to be accepting because the upcoming students will only know the Common Core way.

        Bettering alignment with special education programs and policies are expected to be created from Common Core. The new standards are giving education a way to get back up after the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 . Embedding Secondary Transition in the Common Core State Standards claims, “This standards-based reform has become known as the college and career readiness movement” and students now are lead to take courses that will get them into college. Common Core are preparing students to me up to date when they start classes so no time will be wasted (PaPay 2). Common Core pushes students to think outside the box and push their limits, Kenneth Huff adds, “core ideas are used as evidence in scientific arguments and to support explanations. The focus moves from the memorization of content to the understanding and application of ideas” (Huff 4). Huff sheds light on the idea of education creating a smarter and more creative future for students currently and to come. Common Core is preparing students for college. Money will not be wasted taking prep classes that do not even count toward your career and that you were expected to learn in Kindergarten through twelfth.   

             Students now are growing up in a much different world. In The Main Idea ,written by Heinemann, there is stated that, “Today, only 10% of our economy consists of low-skillsccsss jobs. New levels of literacy are essential in today’s world and yet students leave schools without strong literacy skills”, which recognizes why Common Core is focusing on Englishand Mathematics (Heinemann pg.1). What students learn in grade school is going to affect the students a lot later on life. Statistically, “Research suggests that as little as 20% of what goes on in schools is responsible for 80% of the outcomes”, and if students are not proficient in English, there possibilities in their future decreases (Heinemann pg.11). With Common Core, job opportunities for the youth will be expanded.

        Society in the future is going to be benefited immensely by Common Core. Although totbthere is struggle now, those who are learning it first-hand will only know the Common Core way. Standards have always been evolving. Those students beginning in Common Core will be expected to be ready for college more than anyone that is in college is now is. The standards are not made to discourage student or to fail them. Students knowledge are getting put to the test and are able to show what they really learned. Students will learn how to think, comprehend, and demonstrate at such a higher level. Everyone is affected by the new standards; parents, students, teachers, business owners, the government and much more. For those who do not understand Common Core, take time to understand because Common Core is now the shape of a new education today.


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