Chapter 8

Chapter 8 covers what to do when connecting the parts of your essay together. They explain that creating connections between sentences and ideas increases sentence variety and helps construct a more convincing argument. Consider transitions both within a paragraph and between paragraphs. Look at pages 108-109 for transition words.

They give four principles:

  1. Using transition terms (like “therefore” and “as a result”)
  2. Adding pointing words (like “this” and (such”)
  3. Developing a set of key terms and phrases for each text you write
  4. Repeating yourself, but with a difference

Let’s come up with a list of transition words to use in our essays. What words do you use to transition?

“Never Marry a Mexican”

“Never Marry a Mexican” short story by Sandra Cisneros. Let’s break it down. Who are the characters? What themes do you notice? What point of view did the author use? What are some key scenes that stick out to you?

Scene Analysis

Pick a scene that you think is particularly memorable or important. You can pick one from whichever story you will be writing about.

Draw a comic of the scene. Make sure to add text, or dialogue to the scene like a comic book.

Now, describe the scene you drew in words. A picture is worth a thousand words. Explain the significance of the scene to your thesis or the story.