¡Hipócrita! ¡Adúltera! In “Never Marry a Mexican”, by Sandra Cisneros, The main character, Clemencia, came off as such. “Never Marry a Mexican” is about a girl name Clemencia, a sad event in her life(her father’s death), her relationship with her mother, and her experiences with men. Throughout the story Sandra Cisneros portrays that Clemencia is hypocritical on adultery between her mother and herself.

Clemencia was very angry towards her mother for not being faithful to her dying father while he was in the hospital. Clemencia couldn’t even stand next to her mother by her father’s bedside. With all that anger she had towards her for committing adultery surely she’d be completely against adultery right? Wrong. Hypocritical Clemencia later in the story goes on to help commit this horrific and hurtful act with a married man named Drew. Drew and Clemencia slept in his wife’s, Megan’s, and his bed while Megan was giving birth to his son. “My apartment with his toothbrush firmly planted in the toothbrush holder like a flag on the North Pole.” Their relationship seemed to be going on for awhile due to the fact he had a toothbrush at her apartment. In spite of how Clemencia felt about her mother committing adultery she went on later to do it herself, why?

Adultery is such a hurtful and wrong thing to do to someone yet, it is committed all the time. Why do people commit adultery or cheat? “Research reveals that there are five main reasons for adultery: loneliness, communication barriers, lack of love and affection, poor sexual relationship, and lack of intimacy.” Clemencia’s mother could of committed it because of loneliness due to her husband being in the hospital. Also, because she was unhappy. Unhappiness is another reason people cheat and there are plenty of other excuses as well but still, people shouldn’t cheat to begin with and because of that I could completely understand her anger towards her mother. What her mother did was wrong. Even though Clemencia felt it was wrong, what her mother did to her father, she showed hypocrisy by doing it herself. Clemencia seemed rather happy she was doing this with Drew. She said, “I’ve been accomplice, committed premeditated crimes. I’m guilty of having caused deliberate pain to other women. I’m vindictive and cruel, and I’m capable of anything.” She knows of the hurt adultery/cheating causes yet she still does it. It is portrayed that it makes her feel powerful. Clemencia says she’ll never marry but she has her men “borrowed”.

Clemencia states, “Borrowed. That’s how I’ve had my men. Just cream skimmed off the top. Just the sweetest part of the fruit, without the bitter skin that daily living with a spouse can rend.” She sees her acts as to benefit herself. She does not want to deal with the “bitter skin” that comes along with marriage because she herself does not want to marry. It’s like she forgot why she was so angry with her mother for committing adultery. Clemencia knows but has forgotten how she felt when her mother did this and doesn’t take into consideration the pain she’s giving to the wives and/or the kids the husbands’ have. She’s only thinking of her own satisfaction and maybe that is why she is okay helping with men cheat. She doesn’t see it is wrong because she’ll be happy and get what she wants. Even though she felt it was wrong before. She saw and felt that her mother was wrong but now she doesn’t see it that way. She was very hypocritical for that. Sure her mother could have led her down that path from being a bad example and not being there for her after she got remarried and had more kids but Clemencia should of chosen a different path because she knew her mother did wrong. Her father’s death and the way her mother was after all she went though probably emotionally damaged Clemencia but she had other ways of dealing with her issues instead of hurting others through her “borrowed” men. Still, there shouldn’t be excuses for hurting the ones you say you love like the men did in this story. Clemencia was not the only one guilty or cruel it was also all the men who looked for something other than their wives. Clemencia had the choice of learning from her mother’s mistakes but still chose not to.

If Clemencia knows she is guilty of hurting others and continues to do so, her anger towards her mom was irrelevant. Cisneros emphasized Clemencia as being a hypocrite throughout the story. Also, that adultery is wrong but people continue to do it anyway. Nowadays adultery is committed way too much and apps and social media make it easy for others to do it. People don’t realize the pain they cause. Clemencia felt that pain from her mother not being faithful to her father. It takes a toll on the mind and confidence on what love is. Clemencia knew how it felt yet she does it to others. From personal experiences I feel strongly against Clemencia for her actions. Adultery/cheating hurts more than the significant other. It hurts family members like the couples’ kids or even the family members of the adulterer. It makes family see them differently. Also, the hurt stays with you after being cheated on. You start to wonder what it was you did to push the person you care about to this horrible act. But what people need to realize it’s not you it was the cheaters’ fault. No matter what there shouldn’t be an excuse to cheat on another person. If you know it is wrong or have been hurt this way before you should not put that pain on others. Lastly, if you’ve judged someone or got mad at someone for cheating/committing adultery do not be a hypocrite and do the same thing. You’re just causing/ spreading more pain, trust issues, and ruin the insight of what love is to someone else.