1. First source.
Voter Turnout Among College Students:
New Data and a Rethinking of
Traditional Theories
Richard G. Niemi,
University of Rochester
Michael J. Hanmer,
University of Maryland at College Park
Has information from a survey conducted in 2004 following the election, it was a phone survey and the findings are valuable hard examples i can use in my essay. It goes on to say that low voter turnout has been a talked about issue since the 1960’s. Overall it shows that students has faced adversity to being able to vote and we should value our ability to vote by exercising it.
2. Second source.

Why college students aren’t voting (and why it matters)

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This article was actually  written by a college student but it was surprisingly helpful in highlighting the reasons students are not exercising their right to vote.They provide statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau. It shows that young voters do not have faith in the voting process when compared to older voters. It also provides reason’s why college students should vote. For example he has a cited source in his article “Quentin Kidd, the head of the political science department at Christopher Newport University, specializes in studying America’s voting habits. He says multiple theories exist as to why young voters don’t make it to the voting booth…. ‘Politicians respond to voters, and if young adults don’t vote they will continue to have their issues put to the side,’ he says.”

In this way these two articles has already provided a lot of information I can use in my persuasive essay.