Would it be a great idea to increased the Federal Minimum Wage? Many Americans have been procrastinating to increase the minimum wage, but have they really thought about what else would increase and also the problems that they would have to face down the road. Think about it, the reason why Americans wants the minimum wage to increase is to benefit us and to help us not struggle and make more money to make life easier. By me saying easier, i mean being able to not struggle to pay bills, house payments or even car loans etc. We are trying to make the US better to benefit all the Americans. Would it be what everyone thinks or would it make everything even worse? I think they should leave the minimum wage as it is, the reason why i think that is because everything else would increase as well and create more problems. It would definitely benefit everyone, if the minimum wage increased and everything else stayed the same then that would definitely be a great for everyone that is procrastinating to increase the minimum wage.

In 1938, during the Great Depression under president Franklin Roosevelt was the first federal minimum wage setting it at twenty-five cents per hour. Time went by and in 2009, it had been increased twenty-two times when it went up from $6.55 to $7.25 hourly. They knew that 7.25 was very low for anyone to live on, such as paying their bills and utilities they needed to live. After time the wage started increasing year by year and workers had more benefits if they worked longer hours. In 2013, fifty percent of small businesses were opposed to raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour and about sixty percent thought that such an increase that this would really hurt small businesses. Then a couple of years later in 2015, they had decided to raise the minimum wage up to $10.10 an hour. It also mentioned that 1.6 million were female workers and 960k were males. It shows the percentages of full time and also part-time, we had a little more part-time workers then full-time. They also show the ratio of ages, forty-five percent are under 24 years old and fifty-five percent are over 25 years or older. These scholarly sources have great information on how our country has increased the minimum wage up since 1938 till now, its amazing how our country can actually increase our wage after time. Our country has improved in a major way after years go by, we should continue making great decisions to make our country better and stronger.

By increasing the minimum wage would force businesses to lay off employees and also raise unemployment levels. The congress budget office had estimated that if they raised the minimum wage was raised from $7.25 to 15 dollars and hour that they would lose about about five hundred thousand jobs. They also did a survey to 1,200 business and the results came out to proved that thirty-eight percent would be lay off due if they raised the minimum wage. This would be harder for people to keep their jobs and also find somewhere that they could work. Increasing the minimum wage would also increase poverty. Just like how professor Emeritus mentioned “ The higher wages are, the higher costs of production are. The higher costs of production are, the higher prices are. The higher prices are, the smaller the quantities of goods and services demanded and the number of workers employed in producing them”. By saying that i feel like everything else would also increase meaning it wont benefit us the same way as if they only raised it and left everything else the same. Americans should really think about what else would happen if they raise the minimum wage. Household would also have a great impact on this because they have a higher chance of losing their jobs and not being able to afford to pay for what they are in debt. Americans should think outside the box and figure out how this could affect many people as well if they decided to increase the federal minimum wage.

Something else that had happened many times when they raise the minimum wage would hurt businesses and forcing companies to close. In the scholarly source mentioned that about sixty percent of small businesses raising the minimum wage would hurt small businesses. Meaning that if they close businesses down they would have less employment for workers and have less jobs for people. Also fast food places would take a big loses as well, it mentions that if they raises the wage they would start serving smaller portions of food. Instead of serving the same amount of food they would serve less so they wont impact the fast food place in a major way. For example, if they served a big burger in a fast food place they would make the burger smaller and serve less fries so they wont really notice a big impact on how much money they are selling and what the make in profit . This would make customers also unhappy, they shouldn’t have to reduce their food portions to make companies save money. So raising the minimum wage could cause a big problem to everyone if they raised the wage higher. They should be able to figure something out, raising the wage and not reducing the portions of food or also for small businesses to close their stores. Other companies would probably buy cheaper products so they can make the same amount of money. Most likely if a company did that, the food they would be serving would be less healthier and would harm the consumer in a major way. We shouldn’t have to take it with that direction just for a couple dollar raise. This shouldn’t impact our country if they raised the minimum wage up, American shouldn’t take this that far. Our country should make sure they have a great plan to make people make good money so they wont struggle paying bills but at the same time companies still making a great profit.


In this article Gary Jonson believes that we should raise the minimum wage because if someones business is doing great their workers already getting paid more then the minimum wage is. It actually makes sense if you think about it, if owners of businesses have a great run on their business they shouldn’t have to really wary about incurring the minimum wage because their employees aren’t getting paid the minimum if that makes sense. I think the minimum wage is a great incomer for people who wants just the minimum and doesn’t want to work so much. In the other hand Hillary Clinton says “I want to raise the federal minimum wage to $12, and encourage other communities to go even higher”. As we’ll as Jill Stein mentioned “Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour is a simple and effective way to fight growing inequality and empower working people to provide a decent life for their families.” They feel by raising the minimum wage would empower the a better life for peoples families. Lower income people would definitely encourage them in a big positive way because this would help them in a major way. But i feel like if someone wants to make more money they should work for it, work hard and make money . It should t be easier of some people then others, everyone should be treated the same. I think they shouldn’t raise the minimum wage everyone has an option on how much money they want to make. If some need more money they sure have the capability of making more if they work for it. No one should get more money for working the same as others and same hours as well.

Finally, the last two sources i found that mentioned that increasing the minimum wage would be a bad idea is because if they increase the minimum wage companies would start using more robots and automated processes to replace service employees. Meaning that instead of paying people to work they are going to instead buy robots so they wont have to lose more money on paying people to work. That would be a great idea for companies to do but at the same time it would reduce employment for Americans. It would more difficult to get hired at job if the complaints are using robots instead of employees. And something else that this source mentioned was increasing he federal minimum wage would also dispropmrtionely harm the poorest areas of the Unites States. Mississippi had the lowest cost of living at a eighty-three percent in 2015 although Hawaii was at a 168 percent and yet would be unable to cover the cost by raising prices because their customers would not be able to afford them. This could be a disastrous for all small communities around the United States, this would be a problem our country would have to deal with if they decided to increase the wage. Many People don’t really think about all these problems that just say that they want to get paid more. It would also increase housing costs, out would be more difficult to keep a house everything would increase if they raise the federal minimum wage. And i also think they would have to increase taxes so by saying that the government would also have to collect more money to be able to equalize everything in the country.

Raising the minimum wage would decrease high school high enrollments rates and also increase drop-out rates. It would be more difficult for student to continue going to school and also for students that are already enrolled to drop-out. Parents wouldn’t want their child’s to be waisting their time going to school if they know that school prices are going higher. Students wouldn’t probably attempt college after high school due to the increase of tuition. College student would definitely be more focus in school but the ones that wouldn’t be able to do that would fortunately would have to drop out. This would make our country with less knowledge because we wouldn’t have as many student in rolled in school. Something else that would increase would be crimes. Knowing that its going to be more difficult to get a job people would start stressing and stealing and doing more drug sells. This would increase more jails in out country and also having to spend more money to support more prisoners. We shouldn’t raise our minimum wage due to these problems our country would have and have more to deal with if the minimum wage keeps increasing, they have studies that from 1977 to 2012 crime increased 1.9 points among 14- 30 year olds. So if the minimum keeps increasing after time it shows that will increase in criminal point average as well. Something our country shouldn’t deal with and also don’t want to deal with as well. Our country should don’t want to deal with more problems they want to become stronger and better as a whole.

In this research paper i feel like most Americans that are procrastinating to increase the Federal minimum wage don’t really think what other things they would increase if they really do increase the wage up. I know their is some Americans that have a bit more difficult jobs and they should get paid more because they struggle they go through in a regular working day. But at the same time raising the wage wont really help it out, the reasons why i say that is because companies don’t want to pay more for the same work they have been doing so they are going to instead buy robots to replace the employees so they can make still great profits in the companies. They would only have to make a big purchase on robots and after that they wouldn’t have to deal with companies paying employee . Something else is that would happen is if they do increase the minimum wage they would increase house values, food, gas, utilities, etc. The government would never lose they would maybe also increase the tax percentage to continue making our country great still. Raising the wage would also increase more thefts, drug sales, and also more violence. They don’t also don’t want more student to be dropping out of school. Its the other way around they want more students in school, they want to keep improving with more and newer knowledge. We shouldn’t increase the danger of our country due to the raise of the federal minimum wage, that shouldn’t be the case if they raise the minimum wage.

In my conclusion i wanted to explain exactly how i feel about increasing the federal minimum wage. I feel like we shouldn’t raise the minimum wage, we should keep the minimum wage the same and maybe reduce the tax percentage to help out Americans make more money to be able to support their families. Increasing the wage would make other values increase as well such as house values, products, tax, gas, and other supplies. Americans would be making more money but at the same time everything would go up as well. Thus would create a bigger problem with more crimes, drug sales ,and even more thefts. This is something our country shouldn’t have to deal with even more. We are trying to make our country better so why not reduce sales tax to improve peoples weekly salaries and make families nit as stress. If they also increase the wage most companies wouldn’t want to spend more money on employees so they would have to replace employees with robots, making harder to find a job or even get hired. The whole point is to improve our country as a whole and make Americans happy as well. Most people that work hard always get paid higher then minimum wage so most people aren’t really worrying about it as much. We would also have more drop-outs due to the minimum wage increase, we need more intelligence in the United States. We want our country to become smarter and stronger, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice a dollar or whatever much they want to raise to make our country more violent. If they ever raise the minimum wage they shouldn’t raise everything else, they should keep everything else the same except increasing the federal income tax. This would make our low income Americans great to be more stabled with family expenses, so i hope American procrastinators really think if they want a raise or if they should keep it the way it is now. Lets make Unites Staes great and not create more problems, we want to become stronger after time and make something that would benefit everyone.

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