Taking a look back at my childhood I realized how it was somewhat similar to David’s. Being a ten year old girl always dreading going to my dad house over the weekend not because I didn’t want to see my dad but knowing for those days it will be fast food breakfast, lunch and dinner and knowing I was missing out on my mother home cooking for those couple of days I visit my dad. When my parents got divorced I never realized as a kid how much that would have an effect on my eating lifestyle as well. In the beginning, it seemed fun knowing my dad would buy me all the fast food and junk food that my mother would never allow under her watch. After ever weekend at my dads and realizing it was the same routine fast food for those days took a toll on my body. There were days when my dad would “try” and cook for me and it would come to the conclusion to having a fast food meal instead.


In the article of Don’t Blame The Eater by David Zinczenko states, you can’t blame the eaters and their lifestyle that they have. David sympathizes with people because as a child he grew up not having a choice but to just eat fast food. Some people might have been in my situation having a single dad learning how to cook or people also fall in David category having busy parents where fast food was the only fast option he can get. In the article, it stated kids not taking responsibility for their body, but me being one I disagree with that because after a while I couldn’t stand the smell of fast food, all I wanted was home cook meal once I was burnt out of eating that on a daily. It comes to a point where some kids decided to sue McDonald’s for making them fat. I can see where the there point of view is on wanting to sue the company on account for them not having the calorie label on their products before they decide to put it. In the studies, I research most people don’t know where to start in eating right. Sometimes fast food sellers advertise their healthy alternated on their menu but still turns out being more fatter and have more calories than their own burgers. For example, not many people are aware but McDonald’s advertise their salads but their salads have more calorie count then their Big Macs. Not many people are aware of that because even with the calorie count being displayed for everyone to see I’m one of those people that still don’t bother looking at it when I’m ordering my food. When it comes down to it I people shouldn’t just assume that that the lifestyle that people choose sometimes we are just brought in into with no choice.