Is it necessary to have calories labeled in each of every restaurant’s menu? Is it a waste of time that each restaurant has to make them? In fact, many people don’t consider looking at how many calories each item has or what they put in there mouths. In the article, “What You Eat is your Business” by Radley Balko, he argues that children are getting obese and that later in there adulthood they are going to have health issues. The author states that they restrict food marketing to children and prodding the food industry into more “responsible” behavior” (Balko 466). The restaurants that advertise food fool people into thinking that there food is low  in calories but in reality it has a lot more then they think. Fast food restaurants don’t care if people are getting obese or if they have health issues.   

health issues

To begin with, I think it’s our personal business if we eat fast food or healthy food. For example, the way the food industry promotes their items attracts people to try it. How Radley says, “And if the government is paying for my anti-cholesterol medication, what incentive is there for me to put down the cheeseburger?” (Balko 467). I feel like people like to spend more money in fast food than healthy food. Most people don’t think about the health issue but when it comes is a pain in there chest; that’s when they know they have something in there body that they have to do. Although I agree with Radley Balko about us eating fast food but I fully endorse his final conclusion that “Diet, exercise, and personal health that someone else isn’t going to pay  for the consequences of those choices”, (Balko 469). Personally it’s our own business if we pay for the consequence later on because we couldn’t take care of our body. People think that only chunky people have the health issues but it’s not true because skinny people have health problems too. People shouldn’t judge nobody if they don’t know there consequences behind their body. We don’t know if other people are suffering of depression or they are going through a tough problem. Later on they will open there eyes and see that there’s people who willing to help them out.

                                                                                               summaryDo other people care about overweight people or in general they care about themselves? No people just care about themselves and they don’t see how other people are having trouble maintaining their weight balance.  Now a days people only care about how they pay going to pay for their health insurance. For example, some of us don’t have the money to pay other people health insurance or we might not even have insurance for ourselves. According to  Radley Balko “Our lawmakers just enacted a huge entitlement that requires some people to pay for other people’s medicine”, (Balko 467). It’s true why do other have to pay for people’s personal medicine. The government doesn’t see that we break our backs to pay our utilities and our health insurance too. Not a lot of people believe in medicine because of their religion or because they think that there body will fight the virus. Some people think that herbs will help them get strength by it or just by drinking special liquids.  Why do overweight people have to pay more for the insurance just because the medicine will cost more. Why can’t it be equal as the rest of us if were the same. We will not stop eating just because our insurance increase. What will the government do to make us stop eating fast food. Everybody has their own choice to pick if they want to gain weight or stay healthy. I had a uncle who passed away who had diabetes and he got diagnose because he couldn’t stop eating fast food. His family told him to quit eating junk food but did he listen? No. He prefer to leave his family behind because to him food was good and nobody stopped him because that was his decision. It was sad how he died with no left leg and his fingers amputated because of diabetes. However, he wasn’t fat nor skinny he was in between. I think it’s people business how they want to live life but I wouldn’t like to pass how my uncle died.         

health insurance

 Health insurance is always needed for emergencies and if we have a health issue. For example, some of us only have health insurance because we need it for our taxes, but others have it for there health issue that they can’t pay to get there medicine. Why is it our fault that the health insurance have to insurance? The government thinks that we have all this money raining to us like no; we break our backs to get the money. The insurance is only free for people that have low income and that they can’t afford the expensive insurance. What’s the difference between overweight people insurance then the regular one? Is the benefits different? Is it fair for all people? I think that all the medicine is the same but there’s different brands of medicine. I don’t think overweight people are okay that they have to pay more for their insurance or I might be wrong. However, I have an aunt that is Obese but she doesn’t pay a lot of her health insurance. All I know is that she has to pay for her diabetes medication and the machine to check her blood pressure. My aunt is those type of persons that doesn’t like to talk about her personal business is she is overweight or not. It’s true nobody has to know if they are chunky or if they are happy how they are. People get discriminated because they say they’re fat or that they don’t look nice like that. Sometimes some stores say that they don’t have higher sizes or they should go customize their own clothes. Sometimes I just wonder do they care about themselves or if they just like to live there lives like that. All people have the freedom to say there opinion but not rude comments because people do have feelings; and that makes people feel worse about themselves. Hope one day everybody realizes that our life is precious and that we only once. Each one of us will pay the consequence later on when we don’t put attention to our body.
As a result, Radley Balko is right about “What incentive is there to put down a cheeseburger”(Balko 467) while the health insurances increases. My point is that being fat or skinny we still get diseases or viruses. All it matters if we help each other out and with there when someone needs help with something.