what is love

What is Love? For love there’s no race or religion. Early in the centuries; when my parents were growing up, they always thought that they have to marry someone in their race or within the religion. There’s many traditions out there like that, the majority of  people can’t marry a different race or because their religion doesn’t allow it. According to the novel, “Never Marry A Mexican”, the mother Clemencia doesn’t want her daughter to pass what she went through with her previous relationships. Yes, all parents want the best for their children, but in love they should decide who they want to be with. Honestly, love is really blind that we don’t see the partners defects or if there beliefs are different. Why does race matter in love? All it matters if man treats the  woman with respect and if they show that they want to be with that person; the love will always going be there.

Love has no boundaries, age, and limits in a relationship. A lot of people think that dating one person they lost the love of there life but it’s not true; because there’s more than one man and woman out there that you could meet. It doesn’t hurt to meet different people out there in the world. Yes, there’s many different cultures, race and religions that will accept anybody. For example, some parents don’t agree that their children shouldn’t marry a different race or other than their own. Although, Clemencia was forced to marry a mexican man without her loving him. How the novel explains, “If he had married a white woman from el otro lado, that would’ve been different”, (Cisneros 69). Clemencia mother didn’t see the race or the love that her daughter didn’t want to be with a man she didn’t know, but her mom just cared about the man’s money. However, no mother has the right to marry a young girl to marry someone that they don’t love or just because they have all this types of  high class plates or clothes. In the research about cultures in love they say that “ When we say, “He did it all for love,” we mean it as a compliment but in many cultures it would be said with pity or contempt”(Pepper Schwartz). Different traditions interpret love different ways as marrying man or woman for their looks or if the parents come from a  high class. Money is never the answer to anything or getting married with someone just because they look rich. Majority of human beings don’t see the color or religion now a days because we should treat each other the same.


Some majority of people go through that their parents have to talk to the parents to give them permission to marry someone who they choose to be with. In this blog says that, ”It is important to note that in many cultures, after the first visit the “proposal”, the daughter’s permission has to be granted the “acceptance” for the process to continue”( Kovie Biakolo). Some mothers do the mistake in leaving there kids behind and not give them love but they prefer to give there partner more love.  How Sandra Cisneros says” when she married that white man, and he and his boys moved into my father’s house, it was as if she stopped being my mother” (Cisneros 73). Love has its pros and cons. I say this because love could bring a lot of problems but in the other side it brings a lot of happiness into our heart. But nobody should change for that person or because there kids look different. For example, my issue with my relationship is that my boyfriend comes from a different religion that doesn’t allow him to date outside his religion, so he had to make a choice in my being with me or staying in the religion. It was hard for me to understand that my boyfriend came from a different religion and that we might not end up being together. It’s hard to make difficult decisions in life but loving someone so much, it leads to make sacrifice some changes that they need to do to be with that special someone. There’s people that leave their religion or they leave their family to marry someone that they are happy with. Why is love so powerful that make people change the way they are? It’s so powerful that all of us fall for right or wrong person that make us think it’s true love.


Human beings do a lot of stuff to keep that love stronger and faithful so there partner could be happy. Religion shouldn’t interfere with nobodies love or if they’re own family don’t allow a different person. however, people think that love doesn’t exist because they can’t find the right person or they just been through some hard times. Love is not always needed to be with someone but at least family will always will give the love we need. The book Woman Hollering Creek by Sandra Cisneros, makes a point that woman pass  through a lot while being  married with the wrong man but later in the future they see that they are not happy. Sandra is trying to argue that women are strong and that they could get love from there kids. Children are the ones that give out love more than the partner. Kids give out love and happiness because no matter what they do or what they say; they still manage to give out love to the parents. Kids don’t see the difference between race and religion. Other words, they are little to distinguish if race is meant needed in the family. All families should be happy and get love from each other because they all need it if they are going through a rough time. Love is always needed when someone is feeling down. Love is the important thing that we need to get from the partner and friends.

To summarize the novel is that there’s no race or religion for love.  Anybody could be happy and deserve to marry someone who they want to be with. No parent or friends should interfere how that person feels about somebody. Nobody should judge about that person. We should all be happy and get love from out loving family. Children is a gift from God and they will give love to the family. Love is everywhere.

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