Cultural Conflict Paper


  • One to two scholarly sources apart from our text
  • MLA Citations and Works Cited
  • 1,000 – 2,000 Words
  • Clear purpose and thesis
  • Analyses of one text and the Cultural Conflict
  • Integrate scholarly research as support to your analysis
  • Effective detail analysis supporting your claims


This paper is an opportunity to extend the analytical skills you are developing in the reading journals to a longer, more detailed and rigorous argument. In this essay, you will perform a close reading of a text (any reading we covered from Beginning to 1700). Focus on the conflict or cultural conflict as you see it.

You can focus on one or all the criteria below.

  1. Nature of the Conflict
  2. Groups and the Conflict
  3. Causes of the Conflict
  4. Consequences of the Conflict
  5. Resolutions to the Conflict

Whatever text you choose to analyze, make sure to use the Five Moves of Analysis to help you with the close reading.