Garrett Harris


English 101

14 September 2017

It was back when I was around the age of five, before I was in grade school when I got my hands on my first computer. It was a gaming console and my only teaches were the in game or in program tutorials if the game or program even had one. Back then I played so many games with my big brother who would always destroy me in versus games. These memories are some of my favorite times playing on computers and made me absolutely love games and computers in general. I could never put down games like Kingdom hearts or rampage, but I never touched a PC until my parents bought my brother his first computer in first or second grade.


Once I got my hands on a PC my world expanded. Now I wasn’t just stuck at home playing whatever random game I had instead I had all of human information at my fingertips. Soon after I got my first PC I learned how to get music for free and how to put those songs on my iPod. I could listen to any song, play any game, and watch any movie that was digitalized. What I didn’t know at the time was that this was all illegal and I could have been fined a lot of money for doing such things. As I was doing all of this I slowly taught myself the basic workings of the computer and how to work it. At this time I didn’t know how to fix a broken computer or what an OS even was.

In middle school the computer became a way to connect with new people around the world. I learned to use all sorts of applications to find new and exciting people. I made many friends all over the country and in the Philippines, the United Kingdom, even in Canada and Mexico. I learned new ways to hack (not illegally) to find new information about my favorite games and websites. They even taught me how to optimize my computer and keep the viruses off at least a little. This is when computers became my hobby instead or just a random pastime. These online friends began sending me toward where I am today and got me to the knowledge level required to start up my learning career in the computers

By high school I knew a lot more about how to use a computer. I could fix a number of computer problems and could even replace parts and do general cleaning. I ended up joining a multimedia class in my second year of high school. The teacher for this class was named Mr. Bibo and he was the first person to acknowledge my computer skills and he was a great teacher. Without Bibo I might never had thought much about doing computer thing for a living and he taught me so much about picture and video editing on computers. His class also taught me more about fixing computers as they were all old and didn’t even work very well. Even though I only passed the class with a c but, he made sure I could get into his advanced class where I learned even more about Apple’s IOS. I even learned how to animate character on a computer, how to use a camera, and how to do sound editing for video capture.

In my sophomore year I took a class called cyber security, and this class is where I learned most of what I know today. The teachers name was Mr. Shin and he knew more about computers than I currently do or most people do for that matter. He taught everything from how to program to how a keyboard works. On the second week he told me “you should think about doing cyber security as a job because you are probably his smartest student”. This motivated me like nothing else and made me love his class and computers so much because I finally had something that I was a natural at. He taught me how to continue to build on the teachings of his class and how to get a job in the field. He truly loved what he was doing and that transferred to a majority of his class.

In cyber security two I learned how to build an amazing computer and Shin taught me a lot about programing. Without him I would not be going to collage for computers or even know what I want to do for a job. Shin taught me internet protocol, how to build a cat-5 net cable, and even how to make a virus. Did you know that you need a more heavily insulated internet cord if it’s on carpet or anywhere that will subject it to static or how easy it is to give someone a virus because all they have to do is click on the infected email, advertisement, or webpage? Everyone is worried about being spied on when they are on their computer but I can just open up a virtual private network which hides all internet activity behind a private network on a public network or you could just set up a proxy which hides who you are online. Some people say it is impossible not to get viruses on a Windows computer but if you know what you’re doing it is quite easy to pretty much never get viruses, malware, or rootkit and if you do you can just boot a backup before the virus or malware infected you.

I am still learning about computers to this day and I don’t know if I will ever stop learning because there is always going to be more and newer things coming out in this ever growing field. There are a thousand uses for computers whether its gaming focused like my computer or a gaming console or business focused like the ones at a school or business, some are even primarily for video storage and some are even smaller than your credit card like the raspberry pi. Mr. Shin once said “there are more types of computers than there are people”pic2

the image above is a raspberrypi


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