`As a person get older I think time management starts becoming very important. When I started to go to college I had to realize real quick that I had to plan out my day better. That means to start using a schedule by any means. This was hard for me to do because I’m not the kind of guy that writes things down. I like to just go with the flow and going with the flow was not going to get me through this stage of my life. I had to make better uses of my time so I tried many different types of methods such as ‘to-do lists’, weekly planners, and alarms on my phone. The main thing that many people including me don’t understand is how to actually uses these schedules. I have tried multiple time to use any of these three methods and it all ends up the same. The outcome was failure. Sense I kept ending up with failure I had given up.
When I go to this point I felt like not wanting to do anything at all. I just stayed at my house and went to places that I really needed to go. Everything was kind of just going with the flow really and when I did plan something I was always off schedule. Until I watched a video of time management.
This video help me to understand on how to uses certain methods of time management correctly. I started of by asking one question. That question was “why do I think time management is important?” I honestly think time management can help you learn ways to make better use of your time and could help in your life in general. Time management helps you with many different skills, such as being organized. Being organized can involve you using a “to-do list’. A ‘to-do list’ is a list that you make of things or chores that you have to do. If you have a bunch of things that you know you have to doduring the week you can also make a weekly planner. A weekly planner is an agenda. It is used to plan out events, that are further away. These events can consist of birthdays, graduations, and weddings.

Planning further events is also when the time management usually comes in. Having an agenda is good, but if you are able to write times down where you plan on doing certain things then most of things that you have on the agenda could get done faster. The best way though to get done with large projects is to cut out all distractions. You can cut out distraction by mentioning to people that you have gone to do a certain task that you will be back when your done.
The worst thing that most of use do is procrastination. I used to always procrastinate on homework, chores, and also going to school. Being a procrastinator means that you leave certain things to do at the last moment. For example, I put off doing this essay until the day its due. So now I’m rushing to get this essay done and turn it in before its due. I can get rid of being in these situations like these by planing out on a schedule when I can get little parts of this essay done, so its not all done at the last second.

Also that there is always different ways to approach getting large assignments, chores and events. Having time management is very important thing to have if you are a busy person.
After I finished the video I understood how to use certain time management tools correctly. I understood how time management is really meant to work. I did not start using time management right away because I though that starting my new job at Home depot could mess it all up anyways. I Soon realized that I need those tools the most during that time because I was running around everywhere. The first tool I used was the ‘to-do’ list. I decided to use this because I need to have reminders on what I need to do during the days. The reason why I need to have reminders was because I seem to always forget what was going on when I get tired to a certain point. The things that I had on my list was my work schedule, school, workout, eating, chores, and sleeping.

When I created this list and had a reminders set throughout my day I started to accomplish a whole lot more. I really felt that I had control of what I was doing. everything I did was on point and I was almost never late. The times I was late I usually had a prior agreement that took longer that I expected. The only down fall was that I never liked writing stuff down all the time. which caused me to use this method of time management less and less overtime.

Then with the downfall of my to-do-list I decided to make an actual time schedule. This schedule helps me out a lot even to this day. This is a type of schedule that usually consists of a whole bunch of alarms to activity tell you that “you have somewhere to be”. I like this method because its loud and it almost never messes up. This methods helps me to keep on track which is helping me get on a better track in life itself. I feel more accomplish than I have ever felt before and if you were ever in need of finding out different ways to keep your self on track and on time. I recommend watching some videos that you can relate too because when I was in need that is what I need. To this today I can confidently tell you that I feel very accomplished.

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