In todays society we associate ourselves around people who we are trying to be like. Even when we are told to be ourselves, we still try to live up to other expectations. Sometimes we pick the wrong group of people because certain groups of people could cause you to do certain things. One of these things is drugs. Even if you never did drugs in your life; the group you are hanging out could make drugs seem like its the only resolution. Drugs become very tempting in certain situations.
One of these situations is “pain”. Pain can be mental or it can be physical. When pain is mental, we tend to be thinking about relationships, or grades, or even work. We think about this stuff so much, we do not realize how much pain we are creating in our brain and the stress that we are putting on it. We can put so much stress on our brains that doctors have to find certain medicines to calm us down, and sometimes the only medicines doctors can prescribe are drugs.
The other type of pain that we all go through at some time or another heartbreak. This can involve with a pet, family member, friend, and even a breakup. Some people can not really handle certain situations that well that they turn to one of the most common drugs of them all “marijuana”.
One major drug is marijuana, which is used to calm people down in stressful situations, help them go to sleep at night, or even just loosen them up during an anxious time of day. Marijuana is the most popular drug to help the human body relax.
The other kind of pain that we use drugs to help us with is physical pain. One of the main physical pains we experience in today’s society is due to abuse. Abuse occurs when one person is bullied or a certain family member is not thinking straight.
One thing doctors encounter, and are trained to notice, is cases of abuse. This includes physical and sexual abuse among children and domestic partners. Abuse can occur because a family member is on drugs or is drinking too much alcohol, or if the member has mental issues. While historically, this may have been viewed as the victim’s fault, nowadays we see this as an issue with the family member and his or her relations within the family as a whole.
Someone who is in mental distress is a medical issue. The only way to fix this issue is for the family member to come in and get some sort of counseling and go through the whole process of mental rehabilitation. Doctors tend to use counseling as one of the first sources to treat patients. Many patients who have mental disorders tend to be cured by talking to someone about their issues. With patients who talk about issues and do not seem to be getting any better, the counselor will then prescribe a medication for the patient to start being treated. From this point of the process, some people who reach this step of the process of getting better will be almost, if not fully, cured. Others may struggle.
There are many drugs that are not legal in the United States, but citizens of the states tend to get their hands on certain drugs that cause their mental states of mind to go off course, making them mentally unstable. Such drugs that do this are methamphetamine, cocaine, and bath salts. These are three types of drugs that cops and doctors come across daily.
The most common legal drug that people use to get over certain issues is alcohol. Individuals use it to calm down over relationships or even the loss of a family member. There are many studies that show that people who drink alcohol tend to make bad decisions while under the influence. Police officers commonly come across people who are violating the drug and drinking laws. Studies show that over 200,000 people are arrested for DUI’s every year, and some of these offenders are first time offenders. Many people drink too much to escape from their lives or to forget the troubles that they are in. Sometimes they drink too much to try and drown their sorrows.
When people drinking on a daily basis, they are much more likely to kill more brain cells than the average person who only drinks every once in a while, as alcohol is a toxin that the body tries to get rid of. Many times when people are in heavy distress or have too many issues going on, certain personalities will be more likely to do drugs and drink alcohol at the same time to try to cope with these issues. This sometimes causes mixed chemicals to interact negatively with each other and results in overdoses. Studies show that over 40,000 people die of drug overdoses every year. The vast majority of individuals who die from alcohol poisoning are men. The average age range of people who die from alcohol poisoning is 35-64. Every day in the United States, six people on average die due to alcohol poisoning.