Garrett Harris

Mr. Ramos

English 101

25 October 2017

After reading Sandra Cisneros’ “Woman Hollering Creek” Never Marry a Mexican many wonder the reason why Clemencia was so fixated on being a mistress and why would someone cheat in the first place. Her reasons are varied and some were completely out of her control such as her home life when she was a young kid and trough out her young adult years. The story even leaves some wondering if she is a sociopath due to the ending. Furthermore what are the motives of the cheater and how did he play a role in what Clemencia became? also who carries the all or most of the fault in these relatonships

Cheating is a very complex and hotly debated topic in modern society and the number of unfaithful people is massive the research shows that “37% of men and 12.4% of women born between 1933 and 1942 reported having been unfaithful “ (Stephen M. Drigotas1 and William Barta) and people born from 1953 and 1974 have a rate of 27.6% for males and 26.2% for females this means that a little over one fourth of married people have cheated and these are studies that ask the individual which might mean a lower number of unfaithful. With these huge numbers of unfaithful people many have different takes on who takes the most blame in the relationships. Some say it’s the cheaters fault because they are in a relationship yet they still go out looking for a new woman to bed, some say it’s the mistresses fault because they slyly seduce the married man or women, yet some even think that the spouse has some blame ether because this is a repeat offence or the signs were clearly there yet they play ignorant.

What reason would a person have to cheat on their spouse? In the story it didn’t really go into why the man was cheating we might assume his reasons were the same as most. The motives of women are more often due to them being unsatisfied in their marriage while men’s reasons are more often sexual. This shows that he might not have actually had the same reason as most men but in fact he was dissatisfied with his marriage this is proven further in this quote “Your son. Does he know how much I had to do with his birth…I’m the one that gave him permission and made it happen, see. Because your father wanted to leave your mother and live with me.”(woman hollering creek) I believe she is saying she convinced him not to leave his wife which shows an emotional dissatisfaction with his marriage. He is also not part of the norm for people as most people don’t cheat on committed relationships. Research also shows that in evolutionary phycology men cheat more due to the fact that evolutions making him want to spread his genes to as many women as possible and also due to women having a much longer role in creating a baby men have more competition than women have.cheaters-1

Clemencia’s reasons for being a mistress seam to be much more expansive. In the intro of the book she says her mother tells her to never marry a Mexican. She not only says this once though she tells her it multiple times when she was still young. Also her mother had constant grief from her husband and family which she passed on to the kids. Her mother also cheated on her father when he was sick and soon after he died she married the man and pushed her family out. This might be an explanation of why she turned out the way she did as you often turn out like your parents and her physiology was changed due to stress from her father figure. Also a reason she is a mistress and also some of the strange things she does is the fact that she might be a sociopath. In the book she talks about killing someone and maybe killing herself and also she says “human beings pas me on the street, and I want to reach out and strum them as if they were guitars.”(Woman Hollering Creek) this want to “strum” people as if they were guitars is a show that she might be idiopathic. Also the fact that she slept with a man on the night his wife was having their kin then about 19 years later slept with the kid brings her sanity into question. Part of the reason she was insane must have been due to the stresses and abuse from her mother when she still only had a young mind, the repeated never marry a Mexican witch then became never marry a man at all and seemed to end out that she completely hated married people and she torturous them physiologically and tries to destroy the marriages of the men she is with such as when she took gummy bears and put them in only places the cheater would pretty much never look or want to look in some cases.

Therefore the reasons the cheater had mere mostly mysterious but it does seem he doesn’t follow the pattern of a normal cheater. The reasons Clemencia were mental trauma from when she was a kid and into her adult life from her mother and father. Furthermore about one fourth the population admits to being unfaithful to their significant other. Also there doesn’t seem to be a clear person at fault because they both knew what they were doing but did it anyways. furthermore some can even make the argument that it was partly the woman being cheated on’s fault as much as it is the mistresses







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