Fallacy Project

The fallacy project will be due in one week. Your purpose is to create a good, helpful visual for the fallacy you have. It needs to be clear, well organized, and easy to understand. We want to make this a valuable resource for you, your classmates, and other people searching for the fallacy.

The final product has to be an image, blog post, infographic, power point, etc.

You have to use images and text to define, explain, give examples, and tips for your fallacy.

Example: Fallacy Presentations from previous classes to give you an idea.

You will each present your fallacy informally in class. The presentation should take 4 to 6 minutes.

Fallacies Assigned

  • Bandwagon – Yosia
  • Scare Tactics – Taryn
  • Moral Equivocation – Alejandro
  • Sentimental Appeals – Yvette
  • Dogmatism – Nicole
  • Straw Man – Josh G and Cessi
  • Ad Hominem – Evelyn
  • Red Herring – Jacob
  • False Dichotomy – Meng
  • Tu Quo Qui – Garrett and Weston
  • Hasty Generalization – Tyler
  • Argument from Authority – Grant

Using Sources

What are the ways you can use sources in your essay?

  • Explain
  • Provide information
  • Examples
  • Credibility
  • Quotes
  • Research data
  • Ideas!

Paraphrase v Summary v Quoting v Analysis v Synthesis

Students are normally accused of plagiarism when the are trying to paraphrase. It is usually by mistake. In order to avoid plagiarism, here are some tips:

  1. Take notes
  2. Annotate Sources
  3. Make sure you cite
  4. Save multiple drafts

Give your file a name. You can use the name of the assignment.

  • annotatedbib rough.docx
  • annotatedbib 2nd.docx
  • annotatedbib Final.docx

Quote Sandwich

One of the most important skills you can learn in academic writing is how to incorporate sources. To help remember this, we will use the metaphor of the quotation sandwich.

The Quote Sandwich. Introduce the Quote, Quote, explain the quote.

Do not drive by quote. When you quote or use a source you have to explain it and use it. The quote sandwich is why you cannot start or end a paragraph with a quote.

Annotated Bib

The annotated bibliography is intended to help you with your research project.

An annotated bib is a works cited or references page with additional information added to each citation. You begin with the correct reference citation for your sources. For this assignment we will have at least five sources.

For this assignment, you should include:

  1. Summary of Source, 2-4 sentences
  2. How you are using it in your report, 1-3 sentences
  3. Reliability of source, 1-3 sentences

Krikorian, Mark. “Two Immigration Priorities.” National Review, Dec, 2016, pp. 18-20, SIRS Issues Researcherwww.sks.sirs.com.

This article goes into detail on some of the other less talked about factors of the changes in how we deal with illegal immigrants under our new president and his policies. The author is the director of the Center for Immigration Studies so I assume he is a credible expert in immigration. I will use this source to get more specific in my critique of the border wall proposal.

Intro to Research

Scholarly research is research that is published by people with specialized knowledge on what they are researching. It is peer reviewed, reviewed by other researchers and specialist in the field, and is generally trustworthy. Blogs, Newspapers, Magazines are not Scholarly but are popular sources.


ProCon.org No subscription needed. Good place to look at the main issues around a topic.

Google Scholar Google academic database search. Great place to start.

Crafton Hills Library Databases  You have to sign in to access the library databases off campus. Check out EBSCO Host Academic Search Complete


  • Due Monday Annotated Bibliography 25 XP