Quick Write

Elevator pitch. Imagine you have one minute to present yourself and your ideas to someone who can implement your solution or make a change. What would you say in that one minute elevator ride to convince this person that your ideas are worthy of attention. You have ten floors to make a compelling case. Take a few minutes to figure out how to make your proposal professional, succinct, and interesting. Then, write it down.


Writing Effective Introductions

Introductions are very important. The link above has some great examples and explanations for writing introductions.

Much like an elevator pitch, an introduction has to make a good impression, grab your reader’s interest, and make them want to keep reading.

Take the elevator pitch you just wrote and figure out how to work it into your introduction. The elevator pitch can work as the intro, or add to your intro, to make a case for reading the rest of the essay.

Do Schools Kill Creativity – Ted Robinson

Take a few minutes and write down what stood out to you the most.


  • Add images and title for your paper so we can present on Wednesday
  • Revise your paper. Final draft due Monday by class time. Extra credit for posting by Sunday 11:59pm.
  • Extra credit Summary Response to Ken Robinson 10XP