PE2Would you want your kids to be stuck in a minimum wage job all their life? If not then there is a possible reason that may be able to help them keep out of the minimum wage job and increase their education. Statistics shows that in the year 2000 there was an estimated of  one million nine hundred thousand inmates in the United States and about thirteen years later it went from one million nine hundred thousand to two million and two hundred thousand which is almost three hundred thousand more this means that the soaring rates of criminal going to jails is slowly increasing.Adult_incarceration_statistics_for_the_USA._TimelineSo from the year 2000 to 2013 there was an increase of about fourteen percent which is a fairly big number. With this many inmates and every jail in the United States constantly increasing every year there should be a solution to lower the growth of people going to jail or something else. That something else is legalizing death sentenced and make it be equal as a full life sentence in all states and making sure that the Justice System does not discriminate between race but crimes. You may wonder why are things like death penalty being equal to life sentenced, overcrowded jails/ prisons and a better Justice System are being talked about. They are being talked about because of the money for the jails and prisons. So the budget that are suppose to be going to the schools are being cut for expanding or building more jails and prison.Also with not enough jails and prisons then that means big riots may occur if not then big fight can happen and catch the correction officers in the middle of the fight or riot and someone may get seriously hurt or even get killed. It also takes a lot of money trying to build a new jail and expand more to a jails also the government need money to pay the correction officers for what they do.


Why am i arguing for this? Well i doing this because i grew up in a small town and a small school with not enough resources to actually be really successful in the real world unless you are lucky enough to be recognized by people who can make you successful.So how much of the taxpayer’s money does jails and prison get? In the article Policy Basics: Where do our state tax dollars go? it said that “Prisons, juvenile justice programs, and parole and other corrections programs make up about 5 percent of state budgets, or $55 billion. These costs grew significantly over recent decades as states sent more people to prison and left them there longer.”  these numbers are fairly big and pretty much tell a person about how many people are going to jail. The people who controls the prison system receive a big amount of money from each of the people who goes to jail and the amount of people going to jail are increasing at a really fast rate. So studies by the Prison Bureau say that “The fee to cover the average cost of incarceration for Federal inmates in Fiscal Year 2014 was $30,619.85 or $83.89 per day” This supports the point that each person who goes in as an inmate gives money to the person who controls the prison system. Following that quote in the article it then said “The average annual cost to confine an inmate in a Residential Re-entry Center for Fiscal Year 2014 was $28,999.25 or $79.45 per day” these quote relates with each others in many ways. In another article it said “ The 40 states surveyed by this study spent $39 billion on maintaining their prisons in 2010. That is $5.4 billion more than their total reported corrections budgets for that year” jails and prisons doesn’t just get money from the inmates but also by keeping the jail up and running and making sure that the correction officers are safe. Don’t you think the money being put into jails and prisons just for criminals are slowly becoming a bad idea?

Death Penalty should be legalized because of the crimes the criminals commit. Everyone should stand responsible for their own crimes even if they were diagnosed with a mental disorder. This doesn’t change the fact that they murder one or more people. Some statistics shows that the states that have death penalty tend to have a higher crime rate. This is why they try to legalize or already have the death penalty legalized to try and decrease the crime rates. Also the states who doesn’t have the death penalty has nearly the same crimes rates as the state that does have a death penalty.  Anne Marie Schubert, JD, Sacramento County District Attorney, stated that”In our experience, most survivors want ‘justice’ for the murderers of their family members. Repealing the death penalty will not heal these peoples’ wounds; it keeps them permanently open.” This is very true because the murder may just received only a life sentenced and not a death penalty. Then the family members of the fallen or  the witnesses may be scarred for life. Some might even go out looking for revenge for their fallen family member because of their anger boiling up inside of them.With this it all becomes a line of domino falling one right after another. Some people will do this just to attempt to give their fallen family members justice. A quote in an article written by Key Sun said that “the fact that a person with mental illness commits a crime does not suggest that the mental illness, not the person, causes the crime and makes the person less responsible for the offense” this quote helps support the family of the victims because they know or they feel like the person who commited the crime didn’t have any mental disabilities but their lawyers are using it as an excuse for them to not receive a death penalty, any type harsh penalty or any lengthy time in jail. Many of these things going on may seem like things that will go on the T.V. but it is actually happening in real life and these situation are not ones to be messed around with.


Obviously this isn’t an one sided conversation. There are many people who oppose of the death penalty. Many will think that death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment. The cruel and unusual punishment fall under the eighth amendment. Also the eighth amendment states that “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Many people who wants to try to avoid or abolish may try and use the eighth amendment as a point to back up what they want to say.  So Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein PhD from the United Nations stated “International and national bodies have determined that several methods of execution are likely to violate the prohibition of torture, because of the pain and suffering they are likely to inflict on the convicted person.” All of this pretty much goes in a circle back to the eighth amendment. Yes this is a great point for them to back themselves up but then what’s more cruel ,the government executing the dangerous criminals who killed or hurt many people or letting them roam free in the jails taking the money out of your pockets? So technically you are feeding them while they do nothing but sit in side jail cells. Also put yourself in the shoes of the family members of the fallen victims and see if you want to give that criminal a death penalty. Why not just blame the guns that kill them right? Well that is what many people do to try and get the point to the person they are trying to convince.Well if you leave a gun in front of you obviously it is going to stand up and start shooting people right? No its nothing its the people that kill the people so there is no use in trying to use that to try and convince someone but the death penalty might actually make them get a second thought on doing something crazy.  These two sides are probably unethical but that is how the real world works and you should probably understand this too.


Many people would say that the economic would not improve just because the government approves death penalty in all states but all of these things is a process going step by step. They would say that the schools are already receiving a lot of money from the government.the only reason why school might be receiving more money is because there are more amount of students compared to criminals but if you compare criminals alone vs student alone then that means the convicts are actually receiving a lot more. Also the statistics from the graph below pretty much show the price of the inmate being compared to the students in all the states. Many of the inmates price doubles or even triples the price of a student.The highest nearly reach sixty thousand per only one inmate and think about the student not even reaching ten thousand.050713-education-vs-prison-costsJust think about the amount of inmates increasing every year and the money being pumped into the jails or prisons. This is just the amount each inmate is worth but what about the price of an expansion or making a new jail. Instead of pumping money in the jails the government should try to pump more money into the school for a better education for the students and give them more of a chance to succeed and to stay in school.

Well obviously that there are many people going in and out of jail but the those aren’t really the ones who matter. The ones who actually matter are the ones who have a life sentenced in jail and those who are in the death row. Those who have life sentenced should be equal to those who have death sentenced because everyone should be responsible for their own crimes however, they try to avoid their crime by falsely using the mentally ill excuse to receive less of a time or not receive the punishment that they should.Also if death penalty actually is legalized in all the states then it will make them try to avoid serious crimes and the crime rate might drop.Yes the death penalty is an unethical idea but then when they hurt your friends, family, and big groups of people that is when everything changes. Also with less inmates that means that the people don’t have to pay as much money just for feeding them when they are just idling around. They are just wasting their lives in the jail but we are wasting our time paying for them. When many of the inmates out go back so tend to go back. Some because of crimes some goes back because they have nowhere to go to so they might as well return to somewhere they get food and not have to pay for anything. So The Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association stated that “Giving up on the death penalty would mean giving up on justice for crime victims and their families. The prisoners currently on California’s death row have murdered more than 1,000 people. Of those, 229 were children, 43 were peace officers, and 294 of the victims were sexually assaulted and tortured. Having a functional death penalty law will help us protect the public from society’s worst criminals and bring some measure of closure to the families whose loved ones were cruelly taken from them.” This hits the nail on the head because everyone just want justice. Through all of that you might not want to change your mind because you have it stuck on you head because it is not ethical or not worth the reason but then if you let it sink in then you might actually have a change of thought.

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