Stress in the workplace and how to reduce itboi who is stressed

Different forms of stress may be impeding on most people’s day to day life. Stress can take many forms and has affected lives of almost everyone at least once in their lifetime. Workplace stress can be one of the most taxing on a person’s well being. The small pressures of a day to day life can build up and often cause people great turmoil. It is important to find time for oneself by indulging in small things to relieve the pressures of an individuals lifestyle. Finding different ways to lighten the load of anxieties can help have a overall healthier look on life. Much like John. John is a fictional worker, from a New Zealand research paper, whose partner walked out on the business they were working at. As a result of this John became a alcoholic and a heavy smoker John also broke down at work and as a result he was terminated. (Milne 1) Like John, many workers today experience stress and burnout syndrome. Stress is an adaptive response to external environmental action, situation, and/or event at a place. (Oosthuizen, Van Lill 64-69)

Back to John who has been terminated from his job, is an alcoholic and will die from COPD or liver failure. John could have avoided this if he had simply gone to his doctor. Who would have told him to change jobs. Instead John is homeless. However, the fault is not solely on John. The place of work  he was in could have been very stressful and not a productive or encouraging space. Also, in most work places stress is seen as a weakness. He felt pressured not to talk to the few coworkers he had because he did not want to come off as weak or inept. The workplace was to stressful with its lack of employee’s and all the work falling onto him alone. John didn’t have a proper outlet to voice what was going on with him. So he chose an unhealthy way of dealing with his stress. He needed a more open management to talk to so they could figure out how they could help him and make him a more productive worker.  Then try to deal with it in their own way such as, not putting so much work on the employees all at once.

John as a result of his stressors from work became an alcoholic this happens to about 17.6 million Americans and about 400 thousand or about 10 percent of the population in New Zealand. John went straight to what was easiest and made him feel good. Instead of facing his issues head on or his workplace noticing changes in his behavior alcohol and cigarettes became . He instead should have done something positive with his free time. His workplace should have had other programs that teach other skills that reduce stress like dancing, yoga ,or  trekking.( Sunil 4)

Management should be held accountable. There is always two sides to a story and blaming the employee is the wrong way to be handling the situation. Workplaces cannot crunch the employee with the work of multiple other employees that a company laid off or fired. Doing so lowers moral results in breaks of a person and drastically reduces productivity.

Companies, Businesses, and other groups looking to gain wealth should not put that wealth over their employee or employees, should be treated as equals and not made to be lesser than a manager even if they have a title. Acting high and mighty does one thing and one thing only and that is lower moral. Give a person the time of day and that individual will care about whatever you are trying to get across. Act like a pompous holier than thou jerk and moral will be low people will leave you will have to hire upwards of 5 people at once , or more, and no one will want to work with you.

Business should also be understanding. People don’t work for you for the fun or the joy it brings to a customer they work because they have to make money. They shouldn’t let a worker miss weeks of works that is not what is being said workers like that should be terminated, however a worker who has been working doing everything they can should be met with encouragement and positive reinforcement. If a worker is new teach them don’t tell them some people cannot just be told to do something they have never done before and have it right the first time. Work with an employee so they can work for you don’t just sit in your office and play hide and seek without the seek part.

If customer service is really the goal of your company than be present to serve the customer. If you the manager present yourself as someone to who care for the consumer that will boost a workers desire to want to help the customer, your workers are looking at you for direction. As a manager you are a role model for them.

Be present and don’t abuse your standing with the company. Don’t take ten weeks out of the year as vacation even if you have those days stored up it causes havoc at the place of work havoc you will have to deal with or pretend is not there when you return. Do not leave everything on to the assistant manager. At least learn how to schedule correctly and don’t get frustrated when an employee has school and can’t work a shift that interferes with the progression of their life. Work with the employed persons schedule and that will increase moral substantially.

There should also be more than one office and warehouse for business. This will help employed persons who live near your distant locations from having to wake up at three A.M. to get to the location they need to be at in order to promote. Spreading out will also help improve the likelihood of expansion and will help decrease the costs of this expansion.

Give your worker something desirable. Have a company discount or free meal for the worker. Have a location where they can blow off steam or have fun while communicating with others in the company. If an employed person really needs help or is stressed to the point of a break give the individual time off. They do no good for the company if they cant function.

This is even more important when you look at it from the view of a first responder or medical professional. Who see the worst in people and the worst things happening to people everyday. With their extremely long hours and staffing patterns forcing them away from their families and onto the fire line or in the hospital setting. These individuals are always in constant danger from being burned, attacked, or catching a disease from a patient in their care. To help with these extreme cases I do recommend the same as with a company, they should communicate and positively relieve their stress as a group. In extreme cases they should be provided counseling to help them through the issue they are facing presented from their work. First responders should also make a connection with the people they work with they should look out for one another since they practically live together. If possible they could form friendships this is the same for a company or business setting as well.

Stress is a brooding ground for mental illness. If you are constantly stressed you question it, when you question it you think to yourself why can’t I be happy? Why am I stressed? Then you get sad and continue it and sooner or later your stuck in a rut. You are depressed you don’t want to work anymore you just want to stay home you dread working. Actively using tactics such as communicating will help reduce the strain on your mental health especially how depressed an individual feels.(OGIŃSKA-BULIK 174) If you feel like your in a slump you need to tell someone you trust, such as a family member, spouse, counselor , or a friend who has been there before and found a way to get passed it. However, you need to find your own way someone else cannot help you with what they know they can only help you see it from another point of view. You need to solve the problem for yourself.

The best way to avoid stress at your work is to like what you do. If you like the crunch the pressure that turns shit into diamonds from your boss then you do you. If you like to be outside don’t work in an office. Life isn’t about how much wealth you accumulate its about having fun and feeling light as in not weighed down by the stressors of your workplace. There will always be those stressful times but if you like what you do communicate and have an outlet you. Also work with something you like working with what you enjoy happiness should be your focus not money. Take time away from work and do what you want without your boss standing over you nagging about your figures.

Some of the greatest outlets are hobbies. Like painting, hunting, or a building project. Making something is a great way to relieve stress because you see something made from your work. Simply making something tangible to hold onto or look at and tell yourself I did that I made that something to be proud of. Another fantastic way to help is having a  pet. Cats, Dogs, Monkey, pig, anything really. Something that you can care for and take care of and hold. Will help you be a happier individual at the workplace. Take time for yourself and do not let others push you into a position or negative space.

The workplace is a stressful place this is known to all workers and managers alike. If we work together, communicate, assist each other, and support each other then you can make your workplace a much more friendly environment. One that is productive and profitable for everyone involved. Work should not be unpleasant it should be something that is produces a result that is visible to everyone and that makes everyone involved feel as though they accomplished something that supports their cause. Work shouldn’t be about figures or who sold the most of this it should be about people just like everything else.

To handle stress you must also look in on yourself and take a “Time out” as Jill Boreman puts it. One must be able to in on one’s self and go to our own place of calm. Not taking the time to reach this calm usually results in a stressed person. It is important to do this while in the workplace and at home, or whenever a stressful situation arrives. This can be triggered by what Boreman calls Mantram. Mantram is a type of meditation and she describes it as “the living symbol of the profoundest reality that the human being can conceive of, the highest power that we can respond to and love.”It  has been said to aid in the stress of those facing PTSD and could have benefits in relieving stress while in a stressful situation.

Stress in work is going to happen because stress happens outside of work as well as in it. It is the managers and employees who decide how the environment is going to be. In doing stress reducing outlets such as a hobby or productive projects. It comes down to managers to make the place of work a friendly environment. It is up to the employed to measure their own stress take time off and help themselves if they are indeed in a negative workspace and they need to get out and find a better place for them to be. Do not turn into a John who chose to harm himself and those around him. Do something that will help you and help those around you understand your position, and make sure you have a simple positive outlet that makes you happy.


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