Equality has been a big thing in the recent years in the United States. Everyone is fighting for their rights in one way or another. There is a problem that has come to the attention of many and that is the issue with transgender people being allowed in their respective bathrooms. There are many different point of views on this subject, whether those views are conservative or liberal, religious or not and so on, but everyone has something to say about this topic. This essay is meant to bring to light a few of these point of views as well as finding a solution for people who identify as transgender, whether one agrees with them or not.

To start off, there are many views on transgender’s being allowed in the bathrooms of the gender they identify with. For example, “Mr. Spicer’s assertion that the transgender question is “not one for the federal government” conflicts squarely with the view of Obama administration officials, who saw gay and transgender issues as perhaps the biggest civil rights fight of the modern era” (Lichtblau 2017). Trump is another viewpoint on transgender rights and the choice of bathroom they use. To paraphrase, Trump first agrees that he supports the rights of transgender people and that they should use the bathroom they feel is appropriate and then when the Obama administration put the anti-discriminatory policy for transgender students into place, Trump disagrees and says that it should be left to the states to make this decision (Lichtblau 2017). So as one can see, point of views can be spread wide; however, this piece of writing is for the allowance of transgender people being allowed in their preferred bathrooms.

Transgender is relating to a person whose gender identity differs from that of their sex at birth (Merriam-Webster). The gender chosen is what said persons identifies with. Many people do not believe or agree with transgender people but the main problem being focused on is the inability for these people to be allowed to go to their designated restrooms. There are non discrimination acts in place meant to protect transgender people; however, these people are being discriminated against due to the sexual organs they have. This is vaguely reminiscent of a time where black people were not allowed to go in a white person only bathroom. Nondiscrimination bills have been passed in a total of 19 states as well as D.C. that are explicitly meant for sexual orientation as well as gender identity (LGBT Map). Therefore the fact discrimination in all states are still happening because of the bathroom situations is directly against the laws of the state. “Seven of the 15 state laws [as of 2005] prohibiting sexual orientation-based discrimination and four of the five state laws prohibiting discrimination against transgender people were passed in the last ten years” (Suffredini 18). trans signSo the fact discrimination continues is where the reminiscence of discrimination against skin color comes into play. Do not misunderstand, racism is still a factor of the current world however, the difference is there are other people who are discriminated against as well as underestimated. This is not the entirety of this essay though. There is a major problem within the united states but like with anything else, one must take it one step at a time and that first step for equality of gender identity to that of the biological sex is through just allowing them to use the bathrooms they so choose.

It is understandable with the beliefs that some perverts can pose as a transgender person, however that is not how people experience life. Humans are not always cautious of every living person, especially in public restrooms so what brings about this irrational fear that a predator will use a “disguise” to sneak into bathrooms? “Addressing what she says is the “irrational fear” that allowing transgender people to choose their toilet could lead to more women and children being attacked, political activist and author Christine Burns argues that “people who want to be perverts… don’t need permission”” (Thorne BBC News). Burns continued on with the fact that plenty of men have been sexually assaulting women without the excuse of pretending they are women to do so. There are solutions to these kinds of problems, however. The first solution would be to change public bathrooms from being just of two genders and changing it to family bathrooms to get rid of the “struggle” of allowing transgender people to use their bathrooms. Another solution would be the birth certificate and whatever gender is on the birth certificate, that is the bathroom they use; by this rule transgender people can get their birth certificate changed to their chosen gender instead of their sex. A final solution could be creating stalls like there are in europe, these stalls being enclosed toilets to protect from any potential problems and just allowing transgender people to use their restrooms. gender neutral bathroomsTo implement these solutions there can be a change in the requirements given by OSHA for public restrooms to allow for transgender people to use the bathroom in a public setting or getting a law passed that if a transgender person is questioned for using the bathroom they so choose, then they have the ability to pull out their ID or driver’s liscense to show their gender. If the former is chosen, then OSHA could have requirements be the amount of family restrooms in a building or change the stalls to be floor to ceiling stalls. If the latter is the option chosen then transgender people should be allowed to change their gender on their birth certificate if they so choose.

There are many issues that are being faced today but the transgender bathroom fiasco is definitely one that could be easily resolved through multiple different solutions. Even though people still will disagree with the idea that transgender people can change their gender or even should, they are still humans and have certain unalienable rights, especially in the us that should protect them and allow them to use the bathrooms they so choose in public settings along with everyone else allowed to use a bathroom in public.


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