From the early 1980’s  to now obesity has sky rocketed and sadly to say obesity in children has became even worse. Obesity is like a tree, your main focus is obesity  just like the trunk of a tree, but what people don’t see are the roots. There is many things that may cause obesity that people don’t see. Then you have the branches and leaves, making the tree look fuller and bigger just like an obese person. Obesity can start in the early development in children, lack of love, poverty, disease such as Hypothyroid, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome and cancer. And sometimes children will eat just because they are bored. According to Vital signs, “Results: In 2014, approximately 631,000 persons in the United States received a diagnosis of a cancer associated with overweight and obesity, representing 40% of all cancers diagnosed.” Parents should really focus and manage what kind of food their children are actually digesting.  Also, I feel like at a young at parents should put them in some type of active class. But obviously there is more to that such as parents not being able to afford a activity.

Michelle Obama once stated, “We don’t need new discoveries or new inventions to reverse this trend. We have the tools at our disposal to reverse it. All we need is the motivation, the opportunity and the willpower to do what needs to be done. …With this report, we have a very solid road map that we need to make these goals real, to solve this problem within a generation.” Just like Michelle Obama stated here these las are very simple, it is the fact whether people want change or not.  There is tons and tons of simple ideas people can start. For example going to the park 3 times a week and walking for 30 minutes. There are benefits of exercising such as lower blood pressure, reduce risk of any heart disease, increasing good HDL cholesterol. Making a group on Facebook and making plans as a community. Make healthier meals! Even though food is very expensive especially the organic, low carb items there is such a thing call coupons. And coupons are very effective. Add more budget in the school cafeteria for healthier choice. A simple choice such as drinking more water in household than sugary drinks. This is more than taking it serious for a few weeks or months. This has to become a life style. Quite frankly a lot of people do not like change at all. Either they are afraid of change, not willing to put work into it.

Like previous stated obesity is not a choice sometimes it can be caused my a disease. But that should not justify the fact that you should not work hard for a healthier life style. Children look up to their elders. Therefore, whatever an older person is eating or drinking that is what they are going to want. This is such an important problem in America now more than ever because more and more children are becoming unhealthy therefore, becoming obese. Parents are watching their own kids becoming unfit and they are doing nothing about it, instead they are feeding their children more and more. Everyone has to save the children’s health such as a parent, role models or even the community . Great health is one of the main factors of life. When good health start going down the drain, all hell breaks loose. Then our health interferes with life. We have to miss days of work/school and it becomes crazy. Medication can also be expensive with or without medical insurance.

Growing up I was an average kid. My parents tried their best to cook at home, and also succeeded in limiting take out food. Through out middle school and high school I tried to be active as possible. My dad and I would go to the YMCA or the hiking trail and walk for about 45 minutes. Then all of sudden everything changed. I got really sick my sophomore year of high school. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid. A quick summary of hypothyroidism is the lack of steadiness in the metabolism. All of the weight that I have lost during my time of getting fit I gained back, plus an additional 20 pounds. I was devastated, it was something I could not control. My doctor warned me, but it still shocked me. Since hypothyroid is a life-long disease, I need to find ways to eat healthier. I am still working on self discipline. It is very hard, but I am taking it one day at a time, and I will achieve and maintain my good health.

In conclusion, obesity is a major problem that is going on right now. We as parents have to acknowledge our children’s obesity, and do something. If we do not take care of our own health we are prone to heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, levels of cholesterol, and many more outcomes. According to Annals of Nutritions and Metabolism, “ These interventions will also require addressing parent and caregiver behaviors, including attending to hunger satiety cues (responsive feeding), and shaping early food preferences. This needs to be done starting at birth, in the first months of life. Early intervention offers a unique and potentially efficacious opportunity to shape the future dietary patterns of the next generation.” Whether it is going to the park, making healthier snack, or even informing them with the cons of being overweight.


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