“En vez de estar siendo nada jugando juegos porque no aprendes hacer dinero haciendo los juegos”, (instead of playing video games why don’t make money and create the games). As I was in my room standing, with my headset on yelling at the TV with my homies at their crib online playing competitive, I would be told these from my father through my high school year when Xbox live was becoming a big thing for teen entertainment, mostly guys, was really confusing of how would I be able to make money with video games? At the time I would always think of the 2006 film Grandma’s Boy of a 35-year-old guy that would be testing upcoming video games. In the film Alex the game tester would have to move in with his grandmother, on his free time besides getting high he would be developing a video game as a side hustle. Trying to figure out of how would I be able to do something like that was really imposable without knowing how would I design create or be able to make it function. During my high school year there were also other platforms that made students and college student big entertainers now, some using vine as it was a big thing in 2013-2015. Vine was a platform where you would create a 4sec video, in those 4 sec some people got really creative and made vid of funny struggle we went through or funny dick moves slapping someone unexpectedly. Now that the platform got shut down in 2017 being sold for 30 million to twitter the entertainers switched to YouTube and also gotten roles for movies. Seeing as these entertainers were the same age as me, making money it made me think of what ways I can do to accomplish my life time goals. I’ve wanted to start a gaming channel as so many funny moments happened when I played with my friends online but I’ve never had the equipment to be able to record or even edit the video to publish on YouTube.


Thinking about how I would have turned out if I was never introduced to video games when I was 9 living in the apartments in the ghetto always getting my stuff stolen from my back yard, if I never kicked it with my neighbor that owned the 2001 Xbox being a memorable time playing True Crimes I wouldn’t have owned a console myself. I would always get in trouble from my parents about me being out to late at the homies spot playing video games and the more we found out that there were more homies that owned consoles like the PlayStation 2 and spent hours playing Desert Storm, I would always get in trouble and told to not be a “vago” always in the streets, doing hood rat stuff, but I was mostly interested in video games that’s how I’d spent most of my time doing and kind of set the neighbors back yard on fire but we kept it on the down low. I would of probably would have spent more time with the other neighbors, that spent more time in the streets, braking into other houses for the fun and also would have smoked my first blunt when I was 11.


I would always try learning how to record gameplay by searching other Youtubers way of how they did it. When we moved out of the ghetto when I was 12 I would always be on the computer going through programs when I found out about iMovie. IMovie being a fun editing program at the time I got the idea of creating a short film using the Star Wars intro making a short story of drug dealers on the run with my cousin helping out and I would try putting it together. I’ve enjoyed editing I’d always tried to know more about creating and making video nice and clean. Like writers would making a story is how video editing was, having a climax introduction and a smooth ending. Through the years of watching YouTube entertainers I would see their work video creation that they published online for others to see, I would learn by implementing some of their work in my videos but at the time my flosses would be that I didn’t have the right editing program that was for advanced then a basic program like iMovie. Adobe Premier was the advanced editing program that gave you a lot more opinions and effects to create that clean piece of content. iMovie to Adobe was more alike your phone calculator to a TI-CE84 graphing calculator or Nike running shoes to a Gucci flip-flops but never a Camry to a Lamborghini. SSSniperWolf having 7.7 million subscribers. In her video “HOW I DANCE | Ask Wolf #199” answering question being sent to her on twitter, at 12:16 into the video she answered a question that was told by a fan, “how would I explain to my parents doing YouTube for living”, she maintains “the average beginners would drop everything from school or work and take a chance on the entertainment industry this also goes for actors, music artist and small businesses being that your gambling a 50/50 chance” it’ll work or take a long time to start up or it just doesn’t go anywhere. That would be the most common error that everyone one did but she makes a point, that I used as advice till this day, is to work on your channel or whatever you goal is to “work on it part time”. She makes a good point being that don’t charge at the beast full ahead to have back up plans just in case stuff goes south. Another successful Youtuber RiceGum with 9.4 million also said on his video “Preparing Deji for Jake Paul” at 3:58 minutes in, says instead of spending time on the internet there’s “many ways that you can do to make money you just got to go and do it”.

In conclusion I’d learned a lot, through my years spent, on the internet my pathway to the entertainment being a one-man director, an editor, and a producer. By all the methods that the big Youtuber I look up to and their ways of editing research I’d done to see their equipment.