Racism is a grandiose problem currently in the world but is focused in the US. In many places around the United States, you will find there are people who are extremists by which they create secular groups profoundly on that type of view or hate on a specific group. For example the incident in Charlottesville Virginia, this imposed a huge predicament for many people that were residents and for tourists as well as for political views. On this day, many people who are extremists exploited their opinions and beliefs on a matter that was dire to them. This reached a consensus that individuals are keen on their aspects of their beliefs. I think racism is such a profound topic that many people are afraid to communicate with others but there are those who face the issue up front.

Severe actions took place in Charlottesville; individuals came prepared with hostility and were ready to take any action that impeded their views or beliefs. Evaluating on both sides I think that both parties are correct in a sense but not to the point of such hostility towards any individual. The view of the extremists is in a way that their view should be correct and should be believed to be happening. These people of extremists are of integrity, strongly having that ideal that they believe in but as most people would view it as erroneous to even come to that perspective. In retrospect this leading problem is getting worse as it is not getting resolved due to implications of people getting offended or others who offend intentionally. As one side of a view is portrayed people who believe racism is correct is thought to be arrogant. A post from Reference explains why racism is ideally wrong and should be portrayed as something that needs action, “Racism is corrosive for a society because it teaches people to make judgments about others basis of the way they look or assumptions that they might make about people from different cultures. Racism allows people to justify all sorts of indignities and horrors to be visited on people from other cultures by saying that the other people are inferior or somehow less than human in some way” (Reference). I think this is viewed for many as bad to allow it and to show it but I think it also affects our perception of the world and as well as our bodies. Thinking about holding that type of prejudice against certain people could affect your mental health or could agitate your emotions to cause harm to yourself. In an article by Greater Good Magazine, it explains how racism could lead to health factors due to emotional stress or resentment towards others; it says “Challenges from racism incite a sequence of physiological responses that send more blood to our muscles and brains, enhancing our physical and cognitive performance. Threats, on the other hand, set off a physiological response that restricts our blood flow and releases the hormone cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue and halts digestive processes so that the body can quickly muster the energy it needs to confront the threat. Over time, these responses wear down muscles, including the heart, and damage the immune system” (NPR). I think this in hand could be why many believe having this sort of feeling towards another is a terrible thing to experience.

There are those who believe that racism doesn’t exist or primarily think it is acceptable in society. Profoundly thinking about this situation I would understand why certain individuals might believe that this is a good thing, it could be how their family is based on that idealism and their ancestors thought to be okay with that form of conformity towards others with their prejudice ways. A professor from Cleveland University stated “Because of insidious religious dogmatism, mostly, based primarily on a perfect fear of the unknown, one’s destiny beyond this temporary realm, such that racism is derived from a deliberate and noxious view that some are saved and some not, some are good and some not, some are chosen and some not, and it produces a warfare among the downtrodden sponsored by the rulers of this realm that keeps the downtrodden perpetually preoccupied and unaware of their perpetual destitution” (Quora). This text to me implies that individuals might have a form of perception according to racism from their background and family values of that topic. Although I conceive that this might be ideally incorrect to upfront with another individual of a different cultural background with such hostility and prejudice, I do think this is a form of expression or exploitation of the persons own emotions from their beliefs. I would claim that I am bias in the form of racism is wrong coming from a Hispanic background especially in today’s society where Hispanics are demeaned in certain parts of the US. I would be thinking implicitly about this manner that some people would allow this prejudice predicament to happen. In another point of view a professor from University of Philadelphia exclaims “All of us tend to have prejudicial attitudes towards others. This type of prejudice is based on ignorance. It is a normal human response to racial, social, sexual and other forms of differences, because all human being tend to prejudge others on the basis of limited knowledge especially if they are different from us. I can understand the other view as to why people would believe that racism is still of factor of good or irrelevant hate for others. Both sides from this topic have their views on racism and how it affects them” (TC).

I think for this problem to be solved in today’s times are to communicate with one another to understand the other aspect of why they might be acting according to their beliefs. Not being offensive towards other people because of different ideals helps contain the situation. There are many ways that people are offended because of the choice of diction we prefer to use during these circumstances of differences. This is an example of multiple ways of confronting with other aspects of a topic “you should tell them that you disagree with what they have said, and explain why. You should only criticize the comment, not the person. If you become emotional it will be more difficult for you to respond, so it is best to try and stay calm” (ATN). These I think I would imply that would help individuals accept other criticisms from others, but I also think educating people about the affects/effects about this grandiose topic is valuable. This is a step forward to diminishing this racial problem.

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