This week we will be looking at analyzing and developing arguments. Find an article or social media post to analyze. Use this to begin practicing your rhetorical analysis. Break the text down and figure out why and how they are using persuasion. Here are some questions to guide your analysis.

  • Who is the audience? Who are they targeting?
  • How are they presenting themselves? Author’s persona?
  • What do they want you to believe or understand?
  • What is their purpose or agenda? Why are they writing this?
  • What appeals are they using? Ethos, Logos, Pathos?
  • What argument are they making?
  • What is their tone like? Are they respectful, dismissive, or insulting?
  • What claims and evidence do they use, if at all?
  • What implicit and explicit assumptions are there?

Make sure your journal response is at least 250 words long. Comment below with your response.