In today’s society, we have the tendency to look at the negative in life. Stressing about tiny problems, when in reality it is not worth stressing about. Generally just worrying and looking at a situation as a cup of water half empty instead of half full. All the negativity does is hold us back from variety of different opportunities, and leads us to an unhappy life.This has been an ongoing issue for a long while now. The eye opening music video “I Lived” by the American pop rock band OneRepublic helps show that life should be lived to the fullest even with any challenging obstacle that is thrown at us.

The music video begins with a 15 year old teen named Bryan Warnecke who lives with a horrible disease called Cystic Fibrosis. This disease is defined ”Cystic Fibrosis is the most common life threatening autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutations in the cystic transmembrane regulator gene”(Tabori H et al).Or as the boy states in the video “Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that attacks the digestive system and slowly shuts down the lungs”.It goes on showing how everyday he has to do his treatments on himself to keep on living and to him he considers it “normal”. He goes on and later reveals that his life expectancy is only 36 years old. Living with this disease is without doubt a challenge “ However, because of the complex interaction of a variety of dysfunctioning organs,medical effects, and even psychosocial factors, the differentiation of the multitude of abdominal symptoms constitutes a major challenge”(Tabori H, et al.). So this disease doesn’t affect just one organ, but multiple. Warnecke says this disease just makes his appreciate life and where he is as a person.

After the music starts and as the video goes on it shows clips of Warnecke childhood and at his current age when the video was released. From little videos of him on his high chair giggling with his mother all the way to him doing sports. It showed him biking uphill and enjoying it, which is difficult for him to do compared to others. In one of the scene he claims “it feels like breathing through a straw”. Which breathing is a a basic thing we all do without thinking about , it is tragic to see Warnecke to have trouble with it. It just makes us think we have so much to be thankful for, but take a lot for granted. In the end he was still happy being able to ride his bike, even with difficulties. Another clip was him and his father riding in the car together and just enjoying eachothers company. There is many more clips showing that even with his obstacle in life he can still manage to happy and be involved in activities. OneRepublic uses this teen boy story in their music video to put forward a message that with any obstacles life can be enjoyed.

The music video overall appeals to our emotions .From the lyrics to the visual images of Warnecke. For example, OneRepublic sings , “Hope when the water rises you build a wall”, basically meaning when something is thrown at you find a way to fix it or make it better. Do not just give up right off the bat! This is shown throughout the video when the boy is doing challenging activities, such as biking and hockey. Witnessing Warnecke struggle but still trying creates empathy and happiness at the same time(pathos). A couple of the scenes showed him doing his treatments on himself, which he puts a mask on his mouth and it connected to a machine to help drain some mucus. This as well affects our emotions having to see such a young boy go through this process everyday just to stay alive, but as OneRepublic sings “Only way you know is give it all you have”.  It creates motivation to make the best out of a any difficulty.

Many times when we encounter an obstacle in life it is difficult to look past it. “You magnify the negative aspects of a situation and filter out all of the positive ones”(Mayo Clinic). Obstacles can be troubles with oneself or outside forces. For teens most negativity is towards themselves. “From teens who are constantly agitated to those caught in avoidance cycles and others struggling with perfectionism” (J.Smith). Teenagers tend to compare themselves from looks to their abilities to other people. It creates stress and negative energy toward oneself trying to meet a standard society creates. For adults stress can be caused by many factors bills,kids,etc. Obstacles Don’t just have to be stress it can be many things for instance,“situations like death, illness, aging, irremediable oppression or loss, extreme poverty, rightful resistance or rebellion, guilt, absolute failure, danger, uncontrollable fear, etc.”(Ardelt M.). It is true when we fail at something it is discouraging and many times we give up. As well as illnesses on oneself or a family member is a tough obstacle to face. Even more difficult situation is losing a loved one.Or it can even just be aging as we get older our bodies don’t work and look the same way as they did in our 20’s.Which, aging can lead to things going wrong in our bodies.  Obstacles don’t have a limit they range from small issues to substantial issues.

OneRepublic decides it was time to take a stand and use their talent to give the message out. For many listeners it was uplifting and encouraging to start looking the brighter side in situations. The song is targeting all those people who are going through these obstacles and saying stop thinking negative,and to make the best out of any situation. They do this by repeating the phrase “Don’t suffer but take the pain”. As well as showing Wernicke’s life story. If Someone like Wernicke can be content with life despite his disease then anyone should be able to make the best of any situation. OneRepublic touched many people with his song, and encourages society to start looking at the positive aspects and start living.

“I lived” music video by the band OneRepublic creates a positive message for everyone. Although it mostly targets those who are going through a obstacle. Which can be insecurities to diseases, they come in all shapes and sizes. The message of even though you go through these obstacles in life make sure you do your best to look at the positive aspects and make the best of it. Which is something we all need to be reminded of in today’s society. They did this through their lyrics and the actual music video containing  Wernicke’s story. OneRepublic through their music platform influenced many to stop looking at the negative in life.



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This source is a academic journal, so I can have trust in the information. It gave me a good background on the disease Cystic Fibrosis. Which was important due to the main example having to do with the boy having this disease. On top of that it made me understand the difficulties Warnecke faces.

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I found this source to be really helpful for example of how people think negatively. This source also seemed reliable due to all the citation and how it backed up their information. It was overall useful to see how people tend to think.


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This source is reliable, because it is a academic journal. It helped me understand how teenagers think and behave. I used this in one of my example involving how teenagers feel the need to fit in or feel insecure.I Also took a quote from this article to backup one of my claims in the beginning.

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This article helped me explain what obstacles people can face in life. As well as gave me many examples. Which I needed to help explain the main point of the music video. This article is also reliable due to having a lot of citations and being a academical text.