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English 010

March 10, 2018

What does it take to become a nurse?

Nurses are trained to take care of people who are sick in a hospital setting along with clinics and other medical practices. They care for the well-being of patients, they administer medication and are in direct contact with the doctors and patients. There are diverse types of education routes, many qualities it takes to become a nurse, and plenty of fields nurses can work in.

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It is recommended that nurses prepare in their early high school years by already having some of the requirements of the nursing school done. Such as taking some prerequisites. Prerequisites are certain classes that are required before applying for a nursing school. Some simple prerequisites might consist of four years of English, four years of math (including algebra and geometry), four years of science (including biology and chemistry; physics and computer science are also recommended), four years of social studies and two years of a foreign language. After all those courses are done, there is a decision to make. Which nursing program is the right one. There are several options. Option number one would be an associated degree in nursing (ADN). This can take up to about three years. These programs are usually available at some community colleges. San Bernardino valley college for example. Obtaining an ADN allows you to work in most settings as a registered nurse, but not all. The next option would be Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN). The BSN is approximately four years of schooling which is usually offered at most Cal State Universities. Obtaining the BSN also allows a person to work in most settings, the advantages are being able to move to leadership positions or administration positions. The next option would be the Entry Level Masters Program in Nursing (ELM). This is if someone already has their bachelors in another field but decides to go to nursing for their masters. This usually takes about two years depending on how many previous courses were already taken towards the nursing field. When graduated from the ELM the person will obtain a master’s in nursing. After you have completed the nursing program of your choice it is required by the state of California to be licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). To be licensed by the BRN you must have met all the educational requirements, passed the National council licensing examination (NCLEX), and pass a criminal background check. (“California board of registered nursing”) There are many steps and a lot of time dedicated to becoming a nurse.


The next thing that is required of nurses is the personality to handle certain situations. Nurses need to be emotionally strong, empathetic, patient, calm, and obtain the ability to communicate. Nurses are in direct interaction with patients. They care for patients in a hospital setting but need to be able to communicate with either the patient or their caregiver if one is needed for the patient to continue the proper care in a home setting once they are released. (“Aspects of family caregiving as addressed in planned discussions between nurses, patients with chronic diseases and family caregivers: a qualitative content analysis”). Nurses need to be able to be emotionally strong with patients when explaining certain illnesses that may be terminal, with either them or a child. The way the nurse expresses this to the patient may influence the way the patient perceives it or their attitude after the fact of being informed. They must be understanding of the patient and the way their family is feeling at this time which requires them to be empathetic. Finally, they need to be dedicated to this specific field they are working in. they need to be able to pay attention to detail for many reasons. One simple mistake could cost a person’s life. They could possibly mix patients around with certain treatments that could be life threatening. Nurses work long hours up to or over 12 hours a shift. At the end of that 12 hours shift each nurse needs to be working just as hard as they were the first couple of hours.


The job that a nurse does consists of many different tasks. One of the main tasks that a nurse is responsible for is to provide and communicate the care of the patient in a hospital setting. They are also responsible to educate and be supportive of the patient and the patients families. Many nurses also oversee charting the patient’s symptoms and medical history that may relate or just be important (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Those notes that the nurse takes are extremely crucial because these are the notes that doctors use to aid them in diagnosing the patients that they see. In addition to that aspect being of importance, pretty much everything a nurse is responsible for is tremendously important. They oversee running certain medical equipment and performing tests and analyzing the results from those tests. Explaining the injuring or diagnosing to the patient or the family is also something they are responsible for along with explaining the at home care that is necessary for the injury or diagnosing to improve, or the at home care after a surgery or any treatment that was done by a doctor.


There are diverse types of nurses. One type of nurse could be an addiction nurse. Addiction is the need for and the use of a habit-forming substance which is known by the user to be self-harmful (“Addiction.”). An addiction nurse is a nurse who cares for patients who are addicted to something, it could be to alcohol, drugs, or any substance for that matter. They specialize in psychiatric nursing, it focuses on the patient’s mental health.

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The second kind of nursing is a cardiovascular nurse. A cardiovascular nurse specializes in caring for a patient that has any type of heart problem such as someone who has or is suffering from chronic heart disease or from a heart attack. Most of the patients that cardiovascular nurses take care of are facing life or death situations. These nurses sometimes assist in surgeries or are helping with the recovery from a heart surgery.nursing 1

The next type of nurse is neonatal nursing. Neonatal nurses specialize in working with newborns, likely to be in the first month of life. They can take care of babies at least up to the age of 2. They usually work with babies until they primarily leave the hospital. Neonatal nurses don’t always work with babies that are ill. They sometimes have the pleasure of working with new mothers, and newborns that are healthy (“Neonatal Nursing”). All nurses no matter what area they specialize or are trained in they all do the same thing but with a little extra training in that specific area that they are trained in.



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I used this website and information to explain all the schooling and certifications and tests that a nurse must pass to become a registered nurse. I explained all the many ways to become a nurse and the different nursing schools you could attend to become a nurse and how long it takes each one to become whatever nurse it is that a person chooses.

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This website helped me define a couple words in my research paper, this website is where you look up words that you need to know the exact meaning of . I needed to define a couple of words in my paper so that the reader would understand what it is that I was trying to explain. I used the definitions from this online dictionary.

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This online article was explained what a neonatal nurse, cardiovascular nurse, and a addictive nurse and the details of their job descriptions and what kind of patients they work with. I used these online articles to help me explain a different type of nurse. Although there are many types of nurses this helped me define a couple of different nurses and the differences and the similarities between them.