In 1993 “Jurassic Park” hit theaters and quickly became a national phenomenon.  The bases of the movie is about a group of paleontologists and scientists who fly to a private island to review some sort of park. What they didn’t know was that with modern technology other scientist where able to create cloned living breathing dinosaurs from the placid herbivores to the carnivorous T-Rex and Velociraptors. Then when things go wrong and the dinosaurs get out of their cages the movie becomes an action packed edge of your seat thriller. So how does the 4thinstallment of the dino franchise “Jurassic World” measure up to the original “Jurassic Park”? Let my review and movie grading scale help you decide if it’s worth your time and money.

Originality, Writing/Screenplay, Acting, and Suspense factors are ranked 0 out of 3 with 3 being the best possible score and 0 being so bad it’ll make your momma cry. Music, Cinematography, Comedy, and Stunts are still very crucial for a movie to make an impact to the viewer however it’s on a 0-2 scale in my Action genre. This review will cover Originality, Screenplay, Acting, and Suspense however I’ll total up all the criteria’s to get my final “Worth Your Time Movie Rating”.

As with most blockbusters the producers want to keep the money train flowing as a result the sequels start to roll out however they never quite measure up to the original.  This holds true with “Jurassic World” although it broke records at the box office making over $208 million dollars in just 2 days and becoming the 3rdhighest grossing movie of all time, it was more like a broken record that failed to impress on it’s Originality. However the concept of the actual park opening to the public is the exception that the previous three films didn’t give us. We got to see how people could interact and watch their favorite dinosaurs in action. Then we get to see what happens to hundreds of vacationing families when a group of genetically modified Pterodactyls attack.  These few things are what set this movie apart from its predecessors, so for these reasons I’ll rate Originality a 2.


With 14 years of time between movies including Steven Spielberg as an executive producer along with a $150 million dollar budget we as the audience thought we’d get a new groundbreaking dino adventure. However Universal Studios must have spent all that money on special effects (which is a standard for all movies today) instead of a solid storyline and characters you could relate to. Being a movie buff nothing drives me more crazy then when I want to escape reality for a couple hours but am stuck watching a bad comedy that’s trying to come across as a legit action thriller. With so many bad clichés of the side characters it’s hard to see the main points to this movie. With the sloppy overweight security guard with an untucked uniform and Cheetos dust practically still on his mouth, to the untrained teenager staff member who’s loading passengers onto a highly sophisticated sphere ball ride, this is a multi billion dollar park and we’re supposed to assume the staff isn’t trained in shut down procedures and park protocols, I know the writers thought it would get a chuckle out of the audience but it just made my skin crawl. Then we have the beer bellied wanna be tough guys that has no idea what certain dinosaurs are capable of yet still gets authority to practically take over the park when a crisis happens.

Yes the idea of dinosaurs coming back to life is a stretch of the imagination, however we as the viewers know it’s a movie so there’s no excuse for such bad writing and overused clichés. I’m giving Writing/Screenplay a generous 1

Recently while I was watching the original “Jurassic Park” I noticed quite a few scenes with not the most stellar acting or deliveries however with such a great story and a constant curiosity of what would happen next you didn’t notice or care. Yet for all the Hollywood star power of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard they couldn’t save the movie the way Sam Neill did as Dr. Alan Grant in the original. What really drove my score for Acting came down to the children stars. In “Jurassic Park” we quickly fell in love with Tim and Lex who where the grandkids of the parks creator John Hammond. Tim and Lex where very likable from the start and helped in critical situation to help save everyone. However in “Jurassic World” we got two brothers Zach and Gray that to me came across very unlikable with their cry baby attitudes and being pretty helpless throughout the movie. If I was a kid watching the films I’d much prefer the polite, smart, and funny Tim and Lex over the whiny, ungrateful Zach and Gray. I’m giving Acting a 1.


In today’s crazy world we don’t have a pack of Velociraptors hunting us down or even a T-Rex chasing us on the freeway, so we go to the theaters and we want a good suspense movie to break up our monotonous day. The Suspense category is what every good action movie needs, yet how amazing the visual effects and cinematography where in “Jurassic World” the suspense just didn’t do it for me. Maybe because I’ve seen the previous three movies there was nothing left to impress however I think with the previous categories being so bad I couldn’t really invest my interest. So do to the bad clichés and writing skills of what should have been a new Jurassic adventure I’m only giving Suspense a 2.

I’ve been a pretty big fan of the Jurassic franchise ever since I sat down in that theater at age 9 and watched what could happen if dinosaurs and humans ever came face to face. Obviously nothing can compare to the original movie with its classic music, suspense, and the effortless way it took us to a new lost world.  The Jurassic films no matter the scores or ratings they receive take me back to a simpler time when my friends and I could use our imaginations and be that killer T Rex or the pack of hunting Raptors, so for that reason I’ll always be a fan no matter how much the new film let me down.


Worth Your Time Movie Rating

Traits of an Action Movie     Points per movie worthiness       Worth Your Time

Originality                     3                          16-20                       Spend $ see in theaters A

Screenplay/Writing     3                          12-16                                  Buy it               B

Acting                             3                           8-12                                  Rent it               C

Suspense/Action          3                           4-8                               Watch it on TV       D

Music/Soundtrack       2                           0-4                                   Destroy it            F

Cinematography          2

Comedy                         2

Stunts                            2


“Jurassic World”

Originality – 2

Screenplay/Writing – 1

Acting – 1

Suspense/Action – 2

Music/Soundtrack – 2

Cinematography – 2

Comedy – 0

Stunts – 1

Total – 11

I’ll give it a C if you’re not a fan like I am just Rent it when it comes out


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