The Jungle Book

Some may say that this movie is a little overwhelming or scary for a child but I think this movie is amazing and definitely worth owning a copy! If I had to rate is 1-5 it would definitely get a 5! I was extremely pleased with the remake of the movie The Jungle Book. This one was more realistic than the first, which was a cartoon. It was as realistic as it could be with talking animals that were computerized. Mowgli though, was played by Neel Sethi, a human boy. The movie is of a boy named Mowgli. Mowgli was abandoned in the jungle and grew up with a pack of wolves. He was initially supposed to go back to a man village and stay with his own kind but did not.


I thought for a Disney inspired movie It was a little bit gorier and action-packed than Disney had portrayed it to the first film. Just like (Nicole Sperling p 16) states “”feels engaging to an older audience but that I would be comfortable bringing my kid to.’ States in her article. Such as in the newer version there’s a tiger named Shere Khan who was voiced by Idris Alba, Shere Khan wanted Mowgli dead and felt upset about it. He went back to the pack of wolves after he learned that Mowgli had left the pack and killed Akela voiced by Giancarlo Esposito. Akela was the leader of the pack and Shere Khan killed him by throwing him off a cliff so I guess it didn’t have too much blood for my daughter in this part. He also scratched Mowgli in the end of the movie while trying he kill him. The scratch was across his chest and Mowgli started bleeding pretty bad but not so much that it was everywhere. There were also many other deaths in this movie such as the death of the monkey Kind Louie who was voiced by Christopher Walken and then the last death in the movie of Shere Khan. This is nothing like the first one. The first one doesn’t actually have any blood or actual contact of fighting or showing any confirmed deaths but in my opinion a child would still be able to watch it.


What I liked most about this movie was how realistic it was compared to the first one. For example, the animals have this law that they are abiding by because there is limited amount of water in the jungle. They are having a water truce. Which is no one being preyed upon while at this specific water hole where they can see peace rock. The animals come together and are able to drink out of a small watering hole. Another way the movie showed characteristics of realization was the way that Mowgli and Bagheera voiced by Ben Kingsley bowed down to the elephants while they passed. They bowed to them because they were rulers of the jungle. Other animals seen the elephants as making the jungle for them. In the first movie they were mentioned as being an army but were more of a joke, they weren’t exactly organized and a little goofy. The laws that the animals were abiding and by bowing down to the elephants helped portray the movie to be more live like.



Lastly the different roles between actual humans and animals, well even though we won’t actually go live in the jungle with animals and actually communicate in a way that the movie seemed to have made it be. Mowgli was shown to be using many “tricks” which weren’t the wolf way and were not acceptable in the jungle. Which was obviously because he was human. They weren’t really tricks but were tools that he made to help him do some things a little easier in the jungle. He made little things like something to drink out of, another little heisting up object to help him retrieve honey. These little tricks though were what made him different than the animals he was growing up with and living with in the jungle. There were many things that they could do that Mowgli could not! For instance, running or keeping up with the pack which is how the movie starts out as is Mowgli running with the pack but not being able to keep up so he runs in the trees to get a little speed by using the branches and vines to get across. Another thing that made Mowgli different than the rest of the animals was shown when he got the red flower from the man village and all the animals in the jungle were afraid of him. He was just like any other man that animals would be afraid of by being hunted or not being equal to, because although there were things that animals could do that Mowgli couldn’t, there were also things that Mowgli could do that the animals couldn’t.


The ending of this movie was possibly more for an adult audience but not too bad for a child to watch. I mean if the child is scared easily then maybe not but for most it should be fine. It’s nothing worse than some of the action movies like transformers. In the end Mowgli ended up not using the red flower. He initially took it from a man village and planned on using it to kill Shere Khan but did not. He set pretty much the whole jungle on fire though so he used his “tricks” to kill Shere Khan instead. He used the jungle that was already on fire which could kind of relate to the cartoon version of the movie where Mowgli ties a branch that’s on fire to his tail and he runs off.


This movie definitely was rated a 5 for me not only because I literally was in the love with the cartoon version of this movie as a child, ok maybe that’s why but this movie definitely kept me entertained along with my daughter. I really enjoyed the realistic qualities it contained and the fact that there was a little boy running around the jungle with animals he really cared about. I would definitely recommend for others to either own a copy or at least go see it!

















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