Clowns started out as something we would see at a birthday party with balloon animals and juggling, but now clowns are something we see to be scared. Clowns are something we use to be scared amd to get scared. A clown that has the scary mask, colorful hair, unique outfit and the terrifying laugh is what most think of as a real clown. They are the star in movies, tv shows, stories, and now at theme parks like Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Some of us thrive off fear because being scared can be fun. Most people, on the other hand, fear clowns in today’s society in which they are now considered a monster to most.


The movie, IT, is a hit movie out which scares little kids that Pennywise, the dancing clown, comes around to eat any child he finds. He hunts them when they are near and lure them to him. There is a red balloon which symbolizes that Pennywise is very much near. Pennywise displays terror among only little kids because adults cannot see him. Therefore the unique outfit and terrifying laugh are the only main factors a “scary” clown is suppose to have. Pennywise doesn’t strike me as a clown I would find extremely terrifying. He lacks certain characteristics such as he is only around for children. Adults can’t see him therefore only a minimum amount of people are actually aware he exists. He has the sharp teeth and ugliness to him, but he is not much of a clown. He is more of a different type of creature. He transformers into something much different than a clown. He has yellow eyes, a large amount of sharp teeth, and creepy smile but he barely looks anything like a clown. He house the outfit and face paint of course but when he attacks he doesn’t look like a clown anymore. Pennywise is a disappointing clown. I would rate him as a 4 out of 10. On another note this clown did create a worldwide phenomenon in which people would dress up as clowns and attack people. In 2016 there were clown sightings from other countries to the United States. Clown hysteria has taken the country by storm, fueling both fear and fascination while prompting calls for calm from police departments and even from the master of horrors, Stephen King.” This movie ended up creating more monsters for some people to get joy out of it, but it was taken to far.


In the cartoon series, Scooby Doo, there is an episode called “The Ghost Clown.” The Ghost Clown is a clown that wanders around the circus hypnotizing everyone there is to do things to ruin the circus. He wears all red and black, wears a red wig, face mask with a creepy smile, and has almost a hunch when he walks to make it somewhat more creepy. In the episode all he does is hypnotize people and that is basically it. There is nothing scary going on besides the fact that Scooby Doo is walking on a thin little wire without getting spooked like he always does. Freddie and Scooby end up saving the day in course to then find out this “ghost clown” is rather just any other individual who is out to ruin the circus. Overall I give this clown a 1 out of 10. There is nothing interesting about him. He only has the creepy smile. The outfit is alright but he doesn’t scream clown. His is more disappointing than Pennywise.


Finally American Horror Story is a television show which every season is a new story. One season is called Freak Show. It has a variety of different people who do not fit into today’s society. For example there are siamese twins, a lady with a beard, and man with a disease which makes him smaller than others with a different look. They are all in a circus you can call it, but most would call it a “freak show.” They perform shows for people so they can live out there. Then there is Twisty the Clown. He is the best scary clown there is. He has it all. He started out as a clown that you would see at children parties. He was made fun of so he tried to kill himself with a shotgun to the face but failed. He ended up blowing off the bottom half of his jaw. Therefore he has half a mask to cover up his mouth and he no longer speaks. He had an abandoned bus out in the forest that he calls a home. He keeps his hostages out there. He has the look, the unique outfit which is in fact terrifying with dirt and blood on it, the colorful hair and the props of which every clown should have. He uses his props like bowling pins, balloons, and the rainbow handkerchiefs that never seem to end and the horn to attack. He lurks around in the forest, the stores and the circus as well. He is out to get anybody he can find. He thrives off of the screams and the pain others go through. “It was the first time in a long time the show had been genuinely scary.”(Holland). I would rate him a 9 out of 10 because even though he is the best of the best, where is the scary laugh that we are all dying to hear.

Pennywise falls under thesis number two, The Monster Always Escapes. He gets away with killing children because the adults cannot see him and help the children. Pennywise is only around every so years making him “hibernate” and escape after he eats some of the children. He also portrays himself as a kid which also lures some people in so he can make his attack.

Twisty the Clown would categorize under thesis number four, The Monster Dwells at the Gate of Difference. He was made fun of, left out and never fit in. Stories were made up about him and he was laughed at which resulted into him turning himself into a threat upon others and getting his revenge. He was out to show people that they should be the ones scared of him instead of the other way around. Thesis number six, Fear of the Monster is a Kind of Desire, ties in as well. Finn Wittrock plays a man brat, Dandy, in the show who is intrigued upon Twisty’s behavior and wants to follow in his footsteps. Dandy goes out of his way to kill a lady to show Twisty that he would like to help him.


Clowns are people or creatures that some dread and some love. Most fear them and others want to be them. They are monsters that create terror and create enjoyable moments. They are seen in movies, tv shows, stories and some have ended up on the news. Clowns have influenced some people to become monsters. They should be kept on screens and not real life. They are MONSTERS that are extremely creepy. Clowns seen at children parties have even become terrifying so be careful out there. Twisty may be near.


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