Many of us have heard about Frankenstein. What do we imagine when we hear the name? This big green monster brought back from the grave that is unholy, has super strength, and is Though Victor Frankenstein does not give birth per se to the Monster, Frankenstein is for all intents and purposes the Monster’s father as he brings him to life via his scientific knowledge. Once the one who we all call Frankenstein the Monster is alive, The real Frankenstein is mortified by his creation shuns him. The Monster lives without Frankenstein’s and realizes the love that he is missing.making him angrier and sets out on a mission to destroy Victor Frankenstein.The novel’s themes center on the social and cultural aspects of society during Shelley’s lifetime, including the movement away from the intellectually confining Enlightenment. The characters in the novel reflect the struggle against societal control. The monster, who is Victor Frankenstein is an outcast from society, and uses Nature and science, opposing forces during this time period to reveal the type of person he is.

What is it that makes him a monster? From of the 7 theses Victor Frankenstein falls into one of the first theses which is :The monster’s body is a cultural body.. Irregularities in the human standard were therefore viewed as unacceptable by society. Frankenstein’s monster is a manifestation of the monster that he truly is. To bring back or to create life is a huge violation to go against the natural order of life. The monster itself is filled with Fear, anxiety, and wonderment. In a sense when Victor Frankenstein created his monster he not only created something unnatural but he also in a way manifested some deep within himself for the world to observe and see.Even though Frankenstein’s monster develops language skills, emotion, and consciousness, he appears as a grotesque being and is spurned by society because he does not fit any ideal. To create is not an evil but upon looking at the end product is when for something to be reborn is an abomination to the natural order and the society it is brought into due to the differences or the very essence of the “Monster”. Although his appearance may look monsterous the treatment of his own monster is one to look at too. The monster looks to him as a father and is treated with neglect, and not having the love needed. Which in turn makes the monster want to kill Victor Frankenstein himself.Such a monster that his own creation wants to eliminate him.

What else can cause us to look at victor as a monster? Is it natural to play with the natural laws of life? To become a creator and not be responsible for the end product. He is irresponsible and selfish. Victor was trying to play god, when he created the creature, and that is something he shouldn’t have done, because humans can’t become too powerful, even though they always try. Victor became so obsessed with creating life, that it clouded his judgment, and took up all of his time and energy. Everyone usually confuses Frankenstein’s monster as the monster due to his appearance. “his yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries…his hair was of a lustrous black…his teeth of a pearly whiteness; but these luxuriances only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes…his shriveled complexion and straight black lips” (Shelley 60). The description that i just gave describes what a monster can look like but we only view this as a monster due to it being unnatural and what can be considered a freak of nature. Although he looks like this it is more of a symbol of the inner monster of Victor Frankenstein. Without a doubt he is an intelligent man. His work is something that even for our time is remarkable but the reasons for his creation and his research lacks human compassion. Especially with the treatment of his own child who is this monster. He in a sense gave birth to this child and like what we can relate to in our modern society is that parents sometimes neglect our young. Neglection is something that can cause a lot of trauma to his child and in return resent his creator. His monster even went through a dramatic change due to his experiences and treatments. A true monster is evil, inhumane, and lacks remorse or caring for things, as well as being emotional like a human being should be. What does it mean to be human? To show compassion, emotion, and so on but what is it that causes us to become a monster or be considered one? For instance in today’s society, anything that isn’t in the normal or something that is new can be classified as different and people can be called monsters for it.

Monsters in today’s society can be compared to what victor frankenstein is considered to be a monster. Not by appearance, but by our actions. As i stated earlier Victor Frankenstein attempted to play god/creator and brought a life into existence through a remarkable feat but his actions speak louder than words and his abomination of a creation is where his morality lies. With no thought of what he is to do or even preparation to his work coming true he just sits in disgust and regret with what he has done. Like for instance a person who murders another does not entirely know what his actions has done and is never aware of the consequences and can even try to justify his actions. Being bullied does not mean you can manifest this hate and anger in the form of mass killing. Like many of the school shootings, the shooter is put on trial and you can look at him and he looks just like a person. Feels like us, talks, and acts like us but the action that sets us apart. Like in Victor Frankenstein’s case he in a way caused a school shooting but with the creation of life instead of taking it. Victor’s creation is not a monster. He is a product of a society’s inability to cope with advancing science and its consequences. His very presence is due to Victor’s experimenting in alchemy, and his greed for fame. first he rejects his own creation, then he simply fees to forget what has happened, than he brother dies as the revenge of the monster and he lets an innocent girl die taking responsibility for this death. Eventually, he loses his best friend and his wife and dies himself.
What to do when you’ve created a monster? You create another. When Frankenstein and the creature meet again after time has passed of him learning the latter justifies his actions on the grounds that all of his overtures of friendship, sympathy, and love have been violently rejected. He then persuades his creator to agree to fashion for him a female companion. Seeking “the affections of a sensitive being” he vows that “virtues will necessarily arise when I live in communion with an equal.” He agrees that he and his companion will leave to the jungles of South America, and to never be trouble to human beings again.Victor being the monster that he is doesn’t Only after Frankenstein betrays his promise the creature retaliate by killing all the people closest to his creator. The two eventually perish chasing one another across the ice floes of the Arctic Ocean. Even those that look and act like people are not fully human, and all of these characteristics can be found in Victor’s personality.
Overall, Based on the characteristics of Victor Frankenstein. I believe he is truly to be recognized as a monster. The things that might get in the way of analyzing a monster is that we are use to describe a monster as something that is scary, unexplainable, puts fear into us, or is a diabolical entity. Victor being human and normal looking makes him a monster internally and that is what get brought out with the creation of his monster. As well as the treatment. He was the cause of a couple of deaths and even his own due to his obsession with the revival of the dead and his treatment of his own child per se.
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