He was born in Burlington, Vermont on November 24, 1946. His life didn’t start all that great. He was considered his mother’s “secret shame”. His mother went by the name of Eleanor Cowell She was only 22 years old when she had her son. Due to the fact that her parents were very religious it humiliated them deeply. She had the child at a home for unwed mothers in Vermont and later took her son to her parents that lived in Philadelphia. This child was raised as the adopted son of his grandparents and was told that his mother was his sister. A few years later Eleanor moved with her child to Tacoma, Washington. In 1951, she married Johnny Bundy and the couple had several children together. What appeared to be a normal working-class family ended up containing the notorious Theodore Robert Bundy aka “Ted Bundy”. Ted Bundy was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapistand a necrophile who assaulted and murdered numerous women and young girls during the 1970’s.

Bundy showed an unusual interest at an early age. Around the age of three, he became fascinated by knives. Although Bundy was shy, he was a remarkably smart child who did well in school, but he wasn’t really considered a cool kid and it was obvious to . When he was a teenager something inside of him came out. A darker side of his character started to emerge. He developed a habit of trying to peer into people’s windows. He wasn’t thinking of stealing things or vandalize or anything to do harm. He wanted or doing anything of the sort, he just wanted to observe. He eventually went to school and attended the University of  Washington.While he was student at the University of Washington, Bundy happened to met a woman that made a huge impact on his life and fell in love with a pretty young woman from California. She was everything that he wanted. She was a catch for him and he adored her. He was devastated by their breakup.

He graduated from University of Washington with a degree in psychology in 1972 and had been accepted to law school in Utah. He was a clever man and anything he did it had a motive. He analyzed his moves and how to go about things. Which later on it was clear he wasn’t an average person. By the mid 1970s, Bundy had transformed himself, becoming more outwardly confident and active in social and political matters. Bundy even got a letter of recommendation from the Republican governor of Washington after working on his campaign. He then used this success to woo over the woman that he lost. She was impressed by and him and they started to date, but at the same time he was actually with another woman and they knew nothing about her. Things progressed in their relationship and they never knew about each other. It go to the point where they talked about marriage. He then soon just stopped all communication with her. She was left with confusion as to what happened and why he left without a word. It was later that she called him and acted as though she never meant anything to him and that they had never met. He stated later that he wanted to know if he could have married her but people believed that it was revenge for the initial breakup. Soon after Bundy had begun skipping classes at law school. By April, he had stopped attending entirely. Young women began to disappear in the Pacific Northwest. The year the murders began. Ironically enough he was the assistant director of the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Commission and wrote a pamphlet for women on rape prevention.


    How was it that he go caught?The evidence connecting Ted Bundy to the two Chi Omega murders at FSU was his downfall. There were bite marks on one of the bodies, which were a definitive match to Bundy that lead to his capture. In July 1979, Ted Bundy was convicted for those crimes. He was given the death penalty twice. Bundy underwent multiple psychiatric examinations. Due to this it was fairly difficult to convict him because he would always change his reasoning. Therefore giving more and more time to avoid his execution. He received another death sentence the following year in the murder of Kimberly Leach. Due to Ted Bundy’s personality and intelligence, it made him a celebrity during his trial. He tried to take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court but it was declined. He also offered information on some of unsolved murders to try and avoid Florida’s electric chair, but no matter what he did, it was only a matter of time that he would meet his fate. Ted Bundy was executed on January 24, 1989.

    Why was it that his victims were mainly women? Why was there not at least one man ? This could stem from a lot of things. Such as his childhood. His mother at an early age resented him. This must have affected him in a way that it made him antisocial as a child due to not receiving the love that he needed. His resentment of how she made him feel or the hate that he had made him view women in a different perspective that it lead to him choosing solely young women. His mother was fairly young when she had him. Another reason that can be related to his choosing of the killings was due to his first girlfriend. The heartbreak that he had was probably the cause to his hurting and never got over it. Many of his later victims resembled his college girlfriend. They were typically attractive students with long, dark hair. So the reason to him choosing them was due to the fact that he never fully recovered from the break up and didn’t know how to cope with it. Along with his early obsession with knives was a early indicator that maybe he wasn’t mentally stable.

Why was it that he even started to kill in the first place. Possibly his mental health that was never evaluated. As a child he developed some weird obsession. Such as an example is his interest in knives. What 3 year old boy is fond of what is considered to be a weapon.It wasn’t until he had already been convicted that they attempted to see what was wrong with his mental health. Possibly suffering from it for years and never got the help he needed. This possibly lead to his use of weapons and the manner of how he would conduct his killings. His killings usually followed a gruesome pattern. Bundy’s liked to gain control. He usually used a crowbar he kept in his Volkswagon Bug. After hitting his victims over the head he would then proceed to strangle them as he were raped them. He also had a fetish that is quite absurd and was a necrophiliac. He would even return after weeks of disposing the body to have sex with it.


Ted Bundy was in fact a curious case. How many times do we see a many just so calm and collected during a trial for the countless murders he committed and act as though it was nothing. He had many faces due to being diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder which would even make Bundy turn into an unrecognizable person and people he knew feared someone that they thought they knew. Who knows if this could have all been prevented or if this nature of person he came to be was his always in him. Brought out by the events he suffered. Even till the very end he was unpredictable and no one really knows as to why he committed such heinous crimes.


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