Has the idea of a murderer being lose in the world, give you the deterrent of being able to live peacefully? Most serial killers have imposed some effects on the world or countries like making movies, stories or give an influence to others about their actions or behaviors. This in turn affects many people with their perspective of serial killers. These murderers that still initiate these killings cause conundrums to society and give the aspect of fear to people. I think how this effects society is the perspective of filmmakers creating movies or shows that in return people are filled with fear due to the killer’s actual unethical motives. There are numerous serial killers that are rather popular and have been recognized for their heinous crimes but the zodiac was a serial killer who terrorized northern California in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. He used mysterious letters and ciphers to threaten and implicate who he was. With the uprising of the zodiac, he is a notorious killer who inspired filmmakers to make movies based on his work. This in turn also influenced other serial killers by his interesting methods.

The zodiac killer is currently unknown who he is but there is a vague sketch of him. He has been unidentified and been roaming around for the past 5 decades. Primarily what confounded many people were the intricate letters that the killer would leave as hints to the law enforcement to help them in solving the case. Due to the difficulty in reading these letters it causes a stir with even its most highly skilled. I think that the zodiac was portraying a sense of triumph, believing his actions were not going to impede his motives and not be stopped by law enforcement. Although he hasn’t been caught and is still roaming around, I think we as a society portray a sense of conformity with the police to help ease the idea of a serial killer loose even though there is a threat to us outside of our comfort zone. This individual killer proves a detrimental case due to his disappearances and causing bafflements to even our professional code breakers and criminologists. This I think is connected with one of the numerous monster theses. Thesis II: The monster always escapes, the passage “We see the damage that the monster wreaks… but the monster itself turns immaterial and vanishes, to reappear someplace else” (Cohen 4). This I think depicts accurately with the killer’s intricate methods of vanishing after an act of murder. It proves difficult when the serial killer becomes unfathomable. This would bring up the view that most killers are very difficult to understand and to incarcerate.

The zodiac’s grotesque actions have caused several effects to society as to create films solely on this individual’s killing methods. From the most recent movie “Zodiac” that was released in 2007, explains the case of the notorious zodiac killer and of deciphering his clues. Viewing how this serial killer affected how a movie would be produced based on him, gives the emphasis of how these severe events could expand into a more broad and interesting topic for others. Much of how society views serial killers are an aspect of uncertainty. In an article from the history website, it explains how the notorious zodiac killer’s actions lead to an array of movies, shows and documentations about a single person, “But his twisted legacy endures, having inspired three real-life copycat killers and dozens of books, TV shows and movies—including, most famously, Clint Eastwood’s nemesis in the film Dirty Harry” (History). I think having an abundance of information about this killer could have been brought up by his killings back in the day is astounding although he has not been caught but his actions are what caused a stir with the media and gave life to more of an idea of what the possibilities are.

This leads to the ulterior possibilities of what is imaginable as people can obtain. It connects to a thesis from the novel monster culture. In Thesis V: The monster polices the borders of the possible, this gives the explanation of how these monster are the exterior boundaries of what is possible for a normal individual with morality is capable. From the excerpt it explains “The monster resists capture in the epistemological nets of the erudite… from its position at the limits of knowing, the monster stands as a warning against exploration of its certain demesnes” (Cohen 12). I think this gives the freedom to serial killers as the restriction of morality and law doesn’t have an effect on them. This is in actuality true as killers give people the fear of what the freedom is without any restrictions from society. As for the zodiac killer it gives the aspect of having an individual the freedom to do anything he wants to anyone. This is quite possibly viewed by others as eerie.

The idea of having nothing to impede thought or freedom is crucial for some individuals. Due to this idea, it creates psychopaths to recreate or innovate new ideas to murder people. Just like the notorious killer zodiac it has influenced forms of entertainment as well as a new line of serial killers. As the most recent killer closely relatable to the zodiacs methods, his name was Eddie Seda. He was quite heavily influenced by the zodiac to recreate his acts of murders. From a passage by howitworks it gives an explanation of how these two killers were closely similar “the self-described Zodiac Killer used a knife and a pistol to take the lives of at least seven strangers… Seda began his copycat spree in November 1989 by sending cryptic letters to the police and the media. In the months following the missives, he began stalking his victims, shooting each with a homemade gun. At the scene of each crime he left similar notes” (howitworks). This give the attention how such an individual’s intricate methods might cause an effect of giving others a similar aspect of achieving their similar performance. I think this effects many people by having such individuals being able to accomplish these acts.

Generally, I think this is profound in the aspect of how a certain individual could affect an array of entertainment and others with his interesting methods. This I think is interesting how a serial killer can give the deterrent of fear to many people and giving the thought of what is only possible for a human. Zodiac is such a mysterious case because of his intricacy in his murders and the idea that this killer has been lose and not even have an actual image of him. This killer will be an unfathomable character for as long as his name remains. I think serial killers are monstrous due to their uncanny actions to society.

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