Quick Write

What stood out, was interesting, did you agree with or disagree with in the article “The Fine Art of Baloney Detection?” Take 2 minutes and write something down.

Critical Thinking

According to our textbook, to think critically, you must question not only the beliefs and assumptions of others, but also one’s own beliefs and assumptions (5).

  • Identify important problems.
  • Explore relevant issues.
  • Evaluate available evidence.
  • Consider the implications of the decisions.

Critical thinking is NOT collecting information to support established conclusion.

  • Survey, considering as many perspectives as possible.
  • Analyze, identifying and then separating out the parts of the problem.
  • Evaluate, judging the merit of various ideas, claims, and evidence.

Adopt a Skeptical Attitude

Adopt a skeptical attitude not only toward dies opposed to your own, but also toward our own views that seem to obviously right.


Take a couple of minutes and look up these words.

  • Egocentric
  • Fallacy
  • Validity
  • Credibility
  • Evidence

Obstacles to Critical Thinking

  1. The topic is too controversial.
  2. The topic hits “too close to home.” Personal experience with topic.
  3. The topic disgusts you.
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