Quick Write

What is the best paper you have written? Why was it good? What did you do well?

What is Literacy?

Literacy – the ability to read and write.

Also, competence or knowledge in a specified area.

Literacy Narrative Examples

Rediscovering Reading

  • http://daln.osu.edu/handle/2374.DALN/2944
  • Talks about his trajectory as a reader—from early reading experience and success in reading contests; to adolescence when he was more focused on his social life and no longer enjoyed reading for school; to his experience in the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq, and returning to his love of reading and uses for reading in a variety of contexts (for fun, for work, etc). He also reflects on the experience that service members have with reading (e.g., he challenges the stereotype that Marines are dumb “jarheads” and don’t read much).
  • What was the take away from his narrative? What point did he want to make?

Read Your Bible or go to Hell


Journals from now on should be two paragraphs long. First paragraph is a summary of the reading. Pick point or topic to summarize. Second paragraph is a response. Why did you pick it? What did you find interesting, or useful. Do you agree or disagree. Connect with it in some way.


Summarize what you think the main point was of the second literacy narrative.


Respond to the point you summarized. What do you think about it? Do you agree with the point? Do you disagree with the point? Why? Does it remind you of something from your life? Does it help you understand something better? What did you learn?

“They Say”

Chapter 1 argues that good academic writing responds to what others are saying. What “They Say” is important to include in academic writing and is one way we can include the conversation when we write. The chapter includes templates for introducing standard views, implied or assumed and ongoing debates.

Nicholas Carr


Is Google making us Stupid? Carr argues that the internet affects our cognitive capacities, diminishing out ability to concentrate and to learn.

Take two minutes and write something to share with the class.

Why does Carr begin with lines from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Entering the Conversation

The introduction to the textbook, page 1, explains that the book relies on templates to help us do the basic moves of writing. The templates are guides that when used help us to structure and generate our own writing. We will talk a lot about approaches to writing and how to think about writing, as well as use the templates provided to help us practice the principles of writing.

State your own ideas as a response to others. You are just entering a conversation that has been going on for thousands of years. You are not expected to know everything, but you are expected to begin to understand what others have said before and how to find it.

FullSizeRenderTo argue means more than just stating your own position. To argue you need to enter into a conversation with others views. Then you can try to convince others of your position or just to see your position as valid.

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Where does Carr include the conversation in his article?