When I was about 10 years old, I couldn’t wait to be 16-17 years old, because it seemed so easy. I was always dreaming to be 16 or 17 years old, because I wanted to be in high school, have a car to drive around with my friends, and being able to go out. Thinking of all these things when I was 10 year old just sounded amazing. High School Musical was the movie that inspired me into thinking that the age 16 and 17 were going to be the best years to ever come. It was so great to see that high school could be about being good friends to everyone and to just do whatever you wanted to do. This dream of mine when I was 10 years old, was just a dream, because now living in it as a 16 year old it’s not like how I dreamed of it or like the movies. It’s way more complicated especially with friends and my parents. I learned that I am growing up and having to take on responsibility and its not all about just doing whatever I wanted to do.db4beef74ca2667d152ea62ae2bf1d47

While I am learning new things in high school on how there aren’t a lot of real friend and how school is going to not be as great as i thought it would be. High school is going alright so far, I guess i’m not having a good experience so far. Its my senior year and I am younger than everyone and it sucks. Everyone is 17 going to turn 18 and I am over here still 16 not even close to turning 17 till the end of the year. High school is teaching me a lot on many different things, one of my teacher taught in class, that  I can’t always fix everything and not everything is my fault. It has been hard for me to understand this, because I have a big heart and always want to fix things with everyone. Getting close to high school almost ending I have lost a lot of people and it has been hard. Recently I lost one of my best friends named Hannah and it was really hard for me and there isn’t a day where I don’t miss her, but I did what I needed to do even though it hurt so much. The reason, on why I stopped being her friend was, because she was becoming a different person for other people, and for me I wasn’t about how other see me at all. I liked to be who I am even if i’m loud or funny, but I guess that’s just me. So ever since I am not friends with Hannah anymore I really don’t have friends as of right now, but I am getting through school focusing on myself and school work. I never really noticed till right now, that school isn’t that hard when I pay attention. School is over and I am walking down the stairs from school  to go find my mom’s car, because she was picking me up and as I am walking I realized that there were only about 5 seniors that got picked up and the rest of them drive. I am a little embarrassed because, I am a senior who is getting picked up by my mom. Anyways, I find my mom and get into the car, my mom said “ how was school today” I responded with “ great, school is school mom.” I never realized why parents always ask the same question “ how was school “ like it’s the same everyday. Anyways, i’m sitting in the front seat just waiting to go home because I am so tired and as were about to get on the freeway I see some of my friends from class driving with other people and there all just laughing. Watching them having fun while I was in the car with my mom, I felt that it was time that I talked to her about getting a car. I mean what can she really say, I have my permit and I am about to get my license in a few months, but who knows. We finally get home and as I am going to the kitchen to get something to eat, I am kind of nervous on asking my mom. My mom is a 36 year old beautiful strong women, she had me when she was 16 and raised me on her own, she has brown hair, brown eyes, and a tattoo sleeve on her right arm, and a resting bitch face that makes her look mean sometimes. HAHA.  As I am in my room trying to focus on my homework I couldn’t stop thinking on what she will say when I ask her for a car. I just shoot the gun and go downstairs and say “ Mom can we talk I have to ask you something” and she says “okay sit down my.” My heart is racing and I am super nervous. I say “ So I am going to be 17 soon and most of the kids at my school have a car. And I am kinda a few of the seniors that don’t drive and I was wondering If I could get a car? I have my permit and I am going to get my license soon.” She stays quiet. I add, “So?” She says, “ Babe you know that having a car is a lot of responsibility that comes with it and it’s not just having a car. I understand that a lot of your classmates have a car, but are you trying to be a follower or try to wait till its your time. You know a lot of the kids that have cars probably have jobs to pay for their insurance and gas. And those two things add up to being expensive. Maybe you should start with finding a job first.” I say, “ your right mom.” I understand where shes coming from, whew I thought that was going to be worse than it was. So know I got to find a job that will be easy.

I am so excited to start looking for a job this is going to be a piece of cake. I think that I should start making my resume and start applying online to some places. Few weeks have gone by and I haven’t heard back from anyone yet. I am get frustrated because I thought that this was going to be easy, but its not. Maybe I should go into stores and just give them my resume. I go to the mall and I am giving all these places my resume and filling out applications. After the mall I apply for more places like Mcdonalds, poke place, souplantation, and many more. Days are going by and I am just getting annoyed that no one has reached out to me. I am over it at this point and I am just done applying for places and just feel like giving up. I go to my mom and tell her that I can’t find a job and its to hard. She told me “ don’t ever be discourage you just have to be patient and something will come trust me.” So I am going to start being patient and I get this phone call and it from a poke place and they asked me for an interview. I am so excited I don’t know what to do, what to wear, how I do my hair, do I wear makeup ? I am filled with all these questions in my head while he’s talking. Hanging up the phone, I start screaming with excitement and my mom comes running up stairs as if something bad happened, but nope just got my first interview. Me and my mom are jumping in circles and she told me “ Isn’t patience the key?” And she was right. I had to go shopping for a new outfit and shoes because my interview this weekend coming up. I can’t i’m too excited, oh no I am to nervous what If I mess it up or it goes bad. As my mom was walking by she heard me and she said, “ Babe you’re going to be amazing, don’t let your nerves get to you, your an amazing sweet, loving beautiful young lady that is going to be your best.” Oh my gawd I don’t know what I would do without my mom she’s my everything she’s always gets me through everything that I am struggling with or she’s just there for me and I love her so much.  I finally get everything that I need for my interview for tomorrow and my head is full of nervousness. As I’m trying to sleep my brain won’t shut off, so I put on a movie to distract me and I start dozing off. It’s interview day and im excited I wake up early and get ready and get there 15 min before and I am so ready for it. I walk in and say “ Hi I am here for a interview” this girl sits me down and says “ okay wait here and goodluck.” As I am sitting I am looking around thinking wow this might me be my job. The manager comes and shakes my hand I say my name he asked me questions pretty much based on my resume and “ So if a customer comes and has a problem and starts raising their voice what would you do” I said, “ I would apologize even though it’s not my fault and give him what he wants and if the customer still has a problem I would say I could get my manager If they would like.” Then asked me about school and how are my skills and then it was over. I thought it was going to be a long time, but it was literally 10 minutes. After it is over I feel proud and thinking that I am going to get the job. My mom picks me up and asks how it went and I was pretty confident that I did good I told her and she said I am pretty sure you did amazing. Her giving me that extra boost even though she wasn’t there made me feel better than what I already was feeling. Few days later I haven’t received a call yet so I call and talk to the manager and he said I am sorry you didn’t get the position. I was heartbroken and get really sad and just gave up on the whole job hunting thing because I put my heart into it and didn’t get the job.

I have been a little down ever since I didn’t get the job at that poke place and a month has gone by, I am still applying at different places, but not really putting my heart into it. I am just doing it because my mom has been on me telling me that I need to get back out there and start looking again. She said you can’t let one bad thing let you be discouraged, because if this world was like that than we would all be failures. We all get chances to not become failures so get back out there and be better than ever and a job that will help you. I get that my mom is trying to help me, but I don’t know I guess I am just scared. All I can think about right now is that my birthday is in a week and I am so excited. I can say that I am using this as a distraction to get my mind off on worrying about a job. Since my birthday is coming up my mom has been less on me about applying at places which is pretty great. I am turning 17 and to be honest I am excited but in a way don’t know how to feel because I don’t have anything planned to do. I think I am going to plan something to do with my friends. I found a new best friend named Yasmine, we kind of been friends since freshman year but then we stopped our friendship for a while but now we’re friends again and it’s pretty good. I am so glad that we are friends again because we get along together so well and she just gets me and she’s really funny, Anyways I think I am going to hang with her on my birthday maybe we can go get dinner and go bowling who knows, I am going to go ask my mom if I can hang with Yasmine and as I am asking she said why don’t you just invite her over to the house and dinner because I reserved a dinner with the whole family so just invite her. Okay so I text her and invite her and she says that she can come and I am so happy now. I can’t wait for my dinner now. Tomorrow’s my birthday oh my gawd I am excited I wonder what I am going to get I doubt a car because I won’t be able to pay for anything because I don’t have a job so hmmh what else could they get me? Today is the day it is my birthday and I have to go to school, no fun, but I am going to make to best of it because it is my day today. I get to school and yasmine brought me handmade cupcakes and have happy birthday candles on them and balloons, wow this day can’t get any better. As I am walking through the hallways with a big smile on my face and having people say happy birthday to you is the best feeling ever. Its dinner time and all my family is over and it has just been an amazing day there’s nothing else that can make it better. We do the cake and then the presents. I am sitting at the table opening my gifts and my mom said open grandpa’s last and I was okay fine. I finally at the end of opening all my presents and I am at my grandpas card and everyone says hold on and they get there cameras out and I open the card and it says “ Happy birthday your are a very special girl and you deserve the world.” My grandpa wrote on the card “ I am so proud of you and you have accomplished many things in your life and the future holds big things for you. Love you.” and there is a dollar bill inside and I was like this is cool a lucky dollar. My mom and grandma say look at the bottom of the card and my grandpa drew a toyota key and I was confused until he pulled out the key to my new car. My jaw drops and I start bawling my eyes out. I am in shocked that I got a car and very thankful. I am so shocked because I had no idea and everyone knew besides me and that’s crazy because we tell eachother everything and the crazy part was that my best friend knew. I was so happy that my mom included her into it as well. I whipped up my tears and I am speechless and my mom says want to check it out and it was breathtaking. I finally have a car, it is a white toyota camry with 4 doors. This is just amazing and my mom said well now you really got to find a job because now you have your own car. I am so lucky and grateful that my mom and my grandpa got me a car. Today is one of those days where I am going to remember this moment forever.

When I was looking at my car it was night time, so I went back inside and just thanked my family and couldn’t wait to see it in the morning. In the morning I went outside and looked at my new car and took it out for a test drive and another present that I didn’t realize was that they put a full tank of gas in which was awesome. I drove it for a while then came back home and when I went inside I hugged my parents, I am so thankful for what they have given me. After talking to them I went straight to my room and started applying at places and putting my all in it because I need a job now that I have a car. I spent a whole saturday applying everywhere. Monday came and I drove my car to school and I finally felt like all the other kids at my school. A week has gone by and my gas is already on empty and I asked my mom if she can fill up my tank and that I am looking really hard to find a job and she said that it was fine but she wanted me to go with her so I did. As were there and she says watch how much it is going to take to fill up your tank. So I did and and it took 16 gallons which was $55.00 just to fill my tank, that is crazy. I am in shocked because that’s a lot of money and my mom is not always going to fill up my gas. When we got home I applied at more places like starbucks. Chick fil a , and del taco. The next day Del taco manager himself asked me to come in for a interview. I was surprised and happy I ran down to my mom and told her the news and she said, “I am so proud of you, see what happens when you put in work good job.” I went to my interview nervous because I didn’t want to mess it up like the last one so I took a deep breath and focused. He asked me questions like how old I was, my gpa, and other stuff based on my resume. In the end he said thank you for your time I will be calling you shortly you did an excellent job. I went inside the car and screamed and when I got home and told her that I basically got the job and she said I told you can do congrats babe. I was stoked and he called me at night around 6 pm and said congratulations you got the job can you start training on friday and I said absolutely. Friday came around and it is my first day of training and I sit there on a computer for 2 hours while the computer is teaching me how to do my work. I thought that this would be different, but it is okay because I finally have a job. A few days of my training are done and know I get to actually work and its seems crazy to me. My job is called the front of the house so I am the cashier, I clean the tables, sweep the floor, make sure the sauces are stacked at each table, have ice in the machine, and clean restrooms. It sounds like a lot of work for me not knowing how to do some. It is my first day and I am working a taco tuesday which is where they have a deal for  3 tacos for $1.29. It is crazy packed and no one is helping me out. I feel like I am going to have a mental breakdown, but I don’t and I suck it up and put a game face on and I start teaching myself slowly but getting it down. There was this girl that said I can help you just call me, but everytime I needed her she was always busy with drive thru and that seemed worse than me working as the cashier. After all the madness went down my shift was over and I went home from exhaustion and talk my mom how my day went and how I don’t like it. My mom told me you have only been actually working for one day, you will get the hang of it and you will accomplish and learn different things everyday, because you are at a new environment where you have never experienced before. And she was right, everyday I got better and better at It and months later they wanted to start training me for drive thru and that was a harder job. I did it and got through it because I was thinking of what my mom says to never quite and only succeed and improve. I am not happy where I work but, it has helped me learn on how to becoming an adult and taking responsibility. I don’t think I would have gotten through working at a fast paced, fast food place without my mom always rising me up when I am down or encouraging me to be better when I feel like I am doing a horrible job.

Learning the ways of growing up is hard. I never really thought that I would be this hard. Going through all these things have taught me a lot. I know now to never give up and to take on responsibility, because becoming an adult isn’t easy. I have to use my money on the things that matter like insurance and gas. Later on down the road I am going to have to pay bills and a home and food. There are so many new things that I am learning everyday to better myself and my future. I am so glad that my mom was there for me every step of the way guiding me and being my supporter on not giving up and to believe in something and you will achieve it. All though I am 17 going to be 18 years old, learning new things isn’t going to be something that rarely happens it’s going to be an everyday thing.