Thinking I knew Everything, When I was just Seventeen

A model waist, thick thighs, Love was just this game to me

You rejected me left and right, At 23 I still would try

Every urge that got denied, Made my mind lose sight

Wanting lakes to run and puddles to flood, You got them stems growing to the sun

In the rising one, she didn’t leave, she couldn’t believe I learned this new meaning..

Of Love

Pluck the bass now.

Cult Class X:

What ever happened to our passion…

We used to kiss Until our lips were sore.

Hard to imagine this was before.

lots of ripped tops, boxers tore.

Stomped my heart, like clothes on the floor.

Old times between us, we had rapport.

Speak her peace, but phones me no more.

Eyes, strictly for me, shed declare.

yet casually tempted  into affairs.

Makes me cringe, but do i really care?

Emotionally, been invested elsewhere.

yeah yeah yeah.