Quick Write

Imagine the rhetorical analysis essay you are writing as a speech or YouTube video. What would stay the same? What would change?

Rhetorical Analysis Notes

  1. Make sure to describe the text you are analyzing to your audience. Explain what you see and how you see it. Don’t just refer to the image, paint a picture with words.
  2. Clearly describe the methods of persuasion being used. If they are using a celebrity, make sure to highlight that and the corresponding appeal being used.

A Checklist for Analyzing Images (Especially Advertisements) on page 145 of our textbook is very thorough and helpful for analyzing visual images.

Page 181 has a checklists for analyzing a text. Use these as guidelines to begin your analysis.

Page 191 has a checklist for writing your analysis of an argument. Very helpful for the early stages of drafting.

Grading Criteria

Critical thinking and clarity of thought are the first two criteria for the rhetorical analysis. Take a minute and figure out which other possible criteria we should use.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Clarity of Thought


  • Close reading of text, understand purpose, audience, and appeals
  • Clearly defined focus or thesis of analysis
  • Support ideas with evidence from the texts
  • MLA, sources, annotations
  • Images and Title
  • Conclusion, lesson, takeaways

Speed Peer Review

You will have 1 minute to explain the text you are writing about. What is the text persuading us to do, buy, believe, etc. and how are they doing that? Focus on how they are appealing to ethos, logos, and/or pathos.