So there is a ongoing group of people in our online-society that really gives the human race a bad name, a bad image and a bad reputation. These so called “activist” are called Social Justice Warriors, and they go out into the worlds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and so on to put down the big  name trolls and get the social world back into order! But the problem is that when these warriors go into a battle unprepared, they tend to get slaughtered by the troll and it just looks like batman getting his back broken by his nemesis Bane but then getting his neck snapped and it’s all over, roll credits. If a group of people are going to do this at least know what consequences people like vigilanties face on a day to day basis which can lead to death threats, harmful acts, stabbings, shootings, innocent bystanders getting shot and killed themselves, rape, pillaging, genocide. But them knowing that probably would make them want to do it more since they are probably kids who are disobedient to their parents and when their parents say not to do something, they do it anyways. So what is a solution to ending these SJW’s and their crazy logic? Well I have a couple of ways that are amazing and one ridiculous way of doing things that’s also effective.


So the first way off getting rid of the social dipshit warriors is to make them own up to their own words and make them have the title “warrior” added to their name and the same with the pussy-ass troll that wants to stir the pot and make controversy out of nothing for no reason, so they should fight like warriors and commanders and fight to the death in am arena they chose. These SJW’s promise warfare against these trolls and sometimes use methods such as swatting where a person calls a bomb squad to a person’s house or send malicious ware to open in a chat room or text message. So if its the warfare they want why can’t they agree to fight to the death? Why do they have to make the internet society so conflicting towards others who really don’t care about their useless banter back and forth. Why just let them argue when they can fight it out and to the death then the winner standing was the right one? That’s what we did in the old days and kinda still do now but with more subtle features.


Next method is a more reasonable one, why don’t they consider their group as a political standing group and just pay taxes for their property of meet up and for having this group established? You know why? Because they won’t like to pay taxes when what they were doing before was just using their freedom of speech instead of making a conscious decision and saying this is what we believe in and we agree that our movement is helping the world so much we can pay for taxes like theses to not only help people in need in the internet but also around the real world. You’ll never hear that coming from any SJW-tard that only thinks about their own beliefs that are affected by the world. When you’re running with a one time line about something that you think should be corrected, then yeah use your god given right and use that first amendment, but if you are just going on every page and correcting what you think is politically incorrect, sorry for harsh words but get a life, stop being a piece of shit or kill yourself. That’s bitter and petty and the human race is way more respectable than that. So pay taxes and become a known group instead of a random person’s belief of nothing but try and do they right thing .


My last sentence to get rid of this problem is to get a person of higher knowledge (like a Harvard graduate or Sefferino Ramos) to have the final decision towards the arguments. So when a dispute arises, there is a button that either one of the three parties in the discussion (the troll, the SJW, or someone just reading a comment) can click this button to call either one person who is qualified to be a final decision maker and he comes in to settle the argument once and for all. So the thread would stop and no further comments but the three parties will be posted while the outsiders can look in and see how the dispute is going. Now once the third party enters, there will be a wage that is placed upon their belief, any wage of choice, and the decider that is going to decide will lawfully make the wage placements legitimized through the courts and then will do academic research on both side to determine which party is right. After the decision is place wages will be distributed and who ever loses, gets their opinions and pages watched and over looked and if they share their opinion in the time that they are not supposed to then they will be fined which will help create jobs in the IT field and create more revenue for parks and recreational areas amongst communities in the USA.


All in all as I conclude this wonder three idea page, to say to kill them all would be really mean and illogical to the human race, anyways they are going to off themself anywho in due time. What is being implemented is that we make them pay and help out the community by saying that what they believe in is right and they can choose to expand their ideas to people who think they are right and they can contribute or place wagers where their money then continues to play a big part in contributing to communities and helping grow more trees or something. If not they can be placed in the lion’s den and fight for what they believe is right compared to the lion who will be fighting for survival which is right with only using logic in the lion’s sense.

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