Literacy Narrative Examples

Rediscovering Reading

  • Talks about his trajectory as a reader—from early reading experience and success in reading contests; to adolescence when he was more focused on his social life and no longer enjoyed reading for school; to his experience in the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq, and returning to his love of reading and uses for reading in a variety of contexts (for fun, for work, etc). He also reflects on the experience that service members have with reading (e.g., he challenges the stereotype that Marines are dumb “jarheads” and don’t read much).
  • What was the take away from his narrative? What point did he want to make?

Read Your Bible or go to Hell


Summarize what you think the main point was of the second literacy narrative.

The Art of Summarizing

Chapter 2 explains how to write an extended summary. Careful you do not write a list summary or “closest cliche”. The book treats summary and paraphrase similarly. Keep in mind that you will also be using quotes.

  • Put yourself in their shoes
  • Know where you are going
  • Summarizing Satirically
  • Use Signal Verbs
  • The Believing Game
  • Closest Cliche
  • List Summaries

Quick Write

Tell us about a moment in your literacy? Who was there, how did it happen, where were you?